5 Little Monsters: 17+ Halloween Cricut Projects

17+ Halloween Cricut Projects

Halloween is only a couple of weeks away but there is still some time to make Halloween themed projects. If you are looking for a quick project to make, Cricut projects are perfect. Whether you are looking for home decor, costumes, Halloween themed shirts, or Trick or Treat bags, here are 17 quick Halloween Cricut projects.

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Halloween Home Decor Cricut Projects

BOO! Sign

This Cute sign is easy to make with a small wooden plaque, some orange paint and black and white vinyl. You can also find the pattern for the crocheted witch HERE.

Happy Halloween Window Cling

Cut window cling with your Cricut to make this cute Halloween window cling. It is perfect for decorating a window or glass door. 

Welcome to Our Web

Use some black iron on and a blank canvas banner to make a Welcome to Our Web banner to hang on your door or wall. 

Halloween Embroidery Trio

This project is a little different than a lot of Cricut Projects. It uses the Cricut to cut little stencils to paint onto the fabric, then add embroidered details to finish the designs.

Painted Pumpkins 4 Ways 

In this post I painted dollar store foam pumpkins in 4 different ways, one of which includes adding vinyl to the front of one of the pumpkins.

October Quote Canvas

This one isn't exactly Halloween, but it is an October Cricut project so I figured I would include it. October is my favorite month, and you can't go wrong with Anne of Green Gables. 

Halloween Treats

Easy Halloween Pillow Boxes

These little pillow boxes are super quick to make and hold small candies. Perfect for Halloween parties or treats. Add a vinyl face or just wrap with themed washiest tape for an even quicker, but still festive treat box.

Halloween Treat Bags

So, these aren't technically made with a Cricut, although I did use my Cricut paper trimmer to cut and score them. But I decided to include them on the list because the could easily be adapted to be cut on a Cricut. The circle designs are printables that you could upload as print and cuts and the little bags include all of the dimensions to cut them out. 

Halloween Themed T-Shirts

Toddler Skeleton Shirt

This was a fun shirt to make for my 3 year old. He loves his skeleton shirt with candy in his tummy. It is a really cute Halloween shirt for toddlers.

Trick or Treat Pumpkin Shirt

Another fun kid's shirt, there isn't much more classic Halloween than a Jack O Lantern and what kid hasn't said "Trick or Treat, smell my feet" at some time.

Cricut Costume Ideas

Create Your Own Superhero Costumes

All you need to make a superhero costume is a simple shirt and pants, a cape, and some iron on vinyl and felt. We had fun coming up with our own superheroes and them making their costumes, including creating their symbols, making masks, and even some sparkly gold cuffs. 

Jack O Lantern Baby Bodysuit

This one could have gone in either the costume or shirt area, but adding a simple Jack O Lantern face to a plain orange baby bodysuit (or a t-shirt of any size) is a super easy way to make a costume. I have a pattern for the baby size crocheted pumpkin hat too, perfect for finishing off the costume. 

Ghost Costume for Baby

This is another one that I didn't actually use my Cricut, although it does use iron on and you could easily cut it out on a Cricut. I just hand cut 3 ovals and put them on a white onesie to make this little ghost costume. I finished it off with some white footie pants and a crocheted ghost hat.

Trick or Treat Bags

Trick or Treat BOO! Bag

This simple design is the same design I used on the Halloween sign I included at the beginning of this list. I used purple glitter iron on for extra sparkle. 

Quick & Easy Trick or Treat Bags

Trick or treat bags are one of my favorite things to make for Halloween with my Cricut. It is such an easy thing to personalize, whether you make it to match costumes or just use classic Halloween designs. This Trick or Treat design was one of the first iron on trick or treat bags I made. 

Jack O Lantern Trick or Treat Bag

This on the other hand is the most recent bag I have made, I just shared the tutorial last week. I had an orange bag and figured what would be better than a classic Jack O Lantern face. To change it up a little I used new mosaic iron on instead of regular black.

Trio of Trick or Treat Bags

Three more trick or treat designs made with iron on on plain canvas bags. 

Trick or Treat Bags for Non-Verbal Kids

There are lots of kids that may be old enough that people expect they can speak but they don't for a variety of reasons. As a mom of deaf kids I have had plenty of people not want to give my kids candy until they say trick or treat and I have had to explain why they don't. I thought these designs for non-verbal kids are great, whether it be because of deafness, autism, speech delays, or any other reasons. 

Trick or Treat Iron On Bag

One last trick or treat bag, this one made with metallic purple iron on and fun flourishes was made to match a rainbow unicorn costume. 

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