5 Little Monsters: Trick or Treat Iron On Bag

Trick or Treat Iron On Bag

Every year I try to make trick or treat bags for my kids, sometimes I make them to coordinate in some way with their costumes, and other times they are more traditional Halloween designs. I have shared some of them here one the years.

This year my 6 year old is going as a rainbow unicorn. She actually went as a unicorn last year too, but I made her costume last year, this year she fell in love with one she saw at Target. She told us she wanted to be Supergirl until she saw this costume. She actually calls it a unicorn fairy because it has wings.

I had created the design for this bag a few weeks ago. I actually planned to use it first on a sign but changed my mind and decided to use it on a trick or treat bag instead. 

Even though the bag just says trick or treat I wanted to make it fit with her costume so instead of going with black or even orange iron on, something that would have been more traditionally halloween, I chose a metallic purple. The shade was perfect with the purple in her costume and the metallic sheen made it perfect for a rainbow unicorn fairy. You could easily do it in any color to match the costume of the child you are making it for.

How to Make a Trick or Treat Iron On Bag

You will need:

  • a plain canvas bag (I ordered these ones from Oriental Trading and have used them for so many things, they have lots of colors too)
  • Cricut Iron On Lite in metallic purple, or desired color of iron on
  • Cricut Maker or Explore
  • EasyPress or Iron
  • EasyPress Mat, or a folded towel for pressing


Cut the design out of your iron on, be sure to mirror your design and place the iron on right side down on your mat. Weed your design.

Press the design on your bag.

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