5 Little Monsters: Easy Halloween Pillow Boxes

Easy Halloween Pillow Boxes

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Today I am participating in another Craft Lightning round. This is when a bunch of craft bloggers share super quick projects (15 minutes or less) that go along with a specific theme. This week the theme is Party Crafts.

I wanted to make something that would work for a little party favor so I made a simple little pillow box style treat box. I made my Halloween themed since that is the next big holiday we have coming up, but you could easily adapt it to any party theme. 

Pillow boxes are fun, easy little favors that can be filled with candies or small treats. I kept mine pretty small because I planned to fill them with M&M's. If you wanted to use larger candies or small toys you could make them larger. 

I cut them out on my Cricut Maker so it was super quick and easy. If you have a different cutting machine you should probably be able to find a basic pillow box pretty easily in the design software for your machine, or one that you can upload. No cutting machine, you can also find templates online to cut them out by hand or dies to use with a die cutter. 

I used some orange cardstock, it was a little darker than I would have liked but it was what I had on hand, to cut out the pillow boxes. My Maker cut out the box and scored the score lines. 
Once it was cut I folded along the score lines, glued them together, decorated them, and filled them with candy.

I chose to keep the decorations really simple, partially because it was meant to be a quick craft and the simpler it is the quicker, but also because I wanted it to be adaptable to any theme. On one of the boxes I added a little Jack-o-Lantern face with vinyl, that one is obviously pretty Halloween specific. But on the other I just wrapped washi tape around the center of the box. 

I used black and white stripes to, along with the orange of the box, stick with Halloween colors. All you would need to do to make it work for your party theme is choose a cardstock and washi tape combo that works with your theme. Like red and white stripes on a green box for Christmas, or red and pink for Valentine's Day, or colors to match your birthday party theme. You could even use washi tape that is printed with themed designs, like these fun Halloween designs

How to Make Easy Halloween Pillow Boxes

You will need:


Cut the pillow boxes from the cardstock. Cut the face out of vinyl.

Fold along the score lines, add glue to the flap and glue in place. 

Add the vinyl face to one of the boxes. You can use transfer tape but I wasn't as worried about the pieces staying exactly in place so I just peeled them off and stuck them on. 

On the other box wrap a length of washi tape around the box.

Fold the ends in to close one end and fill with candies, then close the other end. 

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