5 Little Monsters: January 2016

Cuddle Heart Cutout Pillow

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 I have three little girls who always love it when I made things for them and they always fight about who gets my newest project. My middle daughter had been asking me to make something for her, usually her older sister claims everything, and she had specifically requested it be pink, her favorite color. I had had the idea for this pillow in my head for a while and thought it would be perfect for her. I showed her the soft cuddle fabric and told her I was going to make a pink pillow with a heart and she got so excited. She took the pillow insert and draped the fabric over it, she stayed in my sewing room the whole time I was working on it. She handed me different things as I needed them and asked every couple seconds if it was time to put the pillow in. She was so excited to see her very own pillow come together. When it was done and I handed it to her she got the biggest grin on her face and hugged the pillow. She immediately brought it to her bedroom and put it on her bed then came and got me to show me how it looked. Seeing how happy a simple pillow made my little girl made me so happy, it is my favorite part of making thing, seeing other people enjoy the things I have made.

Easy Crochet Baby Blanket on Craftaholics Anonymous

I meant to share this a a couple of weeks ago but I posted my last project on Craftaholics Anonymous earlier this month. I shared the pattern for an easy crocheted baby blanket. It is one of my favorite crocheted blanket patterns. It uses the v-stitch which is a really easy stitch and by using 3 colors and changing each row there is no need to cut the yarn each time and end up with tons of loose ends to weave in, all you need to do is carry the colors up the side. Then when you add the border everything is covered up. Head over to Craftaholics Anonymous to get the free pattern for this Easy Crocheted Baby Blanket.

Cable Loop Crocheted Pillow

A few days ago I shared a new crochet pattern on the Fairfield World site. I have been wanting to make a crocheted cable pillow for a long time, I even started one several months ago. The problem is that most cable stitches are kind of time consuming and complicated. I loved the look of the pattern I had come up with but I just felt like with the combination of front and back post stitches and crossed stitches, not to mention having started, ripped out and restarted a few times to get the right number of stitches and the right size, it was going so slowly. I kind of got bored with it and set it aside thinking I would finish it later. I decided that I really wanted to make a cable pillow this month so I was going to pull out that partially done pillow and finish it. The problem is I feel like I have been in kind of a crafting/crocheting funk the last few weeks and the idea of tackling a complicated pattern just didn't sound appealing at all. Instead I decided to put that aside for a little while longer and try out an easier way to make a crocheted  cable type stitch. Someday I will finish the other pattern and when I do it will look awesome, today is just not that day.

Soft Toy Crocheted Lightsaber

Today I am over at The Geeky Mormon sharing the pattern for this crocheted lightsaber. I wanted to make it for little kids or babies so it is not very big, about 11 inches long, but it is nice and soft, perfect for babies first lightsaber. You also won't need to worry about toddlers hitting people with it because it is just filled with stuffing so they won't really be able to hurt anyone. You can find the free pattern here.

Crocheted Football

Whether you are a college football fan or an NFL fan there are some big games coming up in the next few weeks. I thought it would be fun to make a little stuffed football toy that would be perfect for even the tiniest little fan to enjoy. I did discover as I worked on it that a football shape is kind of a tricky shape but I think I kind of figured it out. I just stuffed my ball but I thought it would also be kind of fun to add a little rattle insert into the middle of it. I haven't tried adding rattles to crocheted toys yet but it is something that I want to try sometime.

You can find the pattern here on the Fairfield World Site.