5 Little Monsters: August 2021

How to Make a Cricut Project- Step by Step for Beginners

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I have talked with a few people recently, both in person and online, who have mentioned how intimidating a Cricut is. They don't know how or where to start and it just seems overwhelming. So, I thought I would share a step by step tutorial on making a project on your Cricut. This is mostly going to be geared towards beginners, and hopefully will make getting started with a Cricut easier.

Perler Bead Alphabet

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This week has been a crazy one in our house, as we adjust to new schools, new schedules, and getting back into the routine of the school year. All 6 of my kids are in school this year, the older kids started at the beginning of the week, and my youngest had his first day of kindergarten today. 

Amigurumi School Supplies

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We have spent the last couple of weeks getting all of the last minute back to school stuff done because our kids start next week. In some ways it is crazy to think that summer is over, but I am also excited to get back into the routine of the school year. It has been a crazy couple of weeks taking each of the kids shopping for clothes and supplies, going to orientations and registrations days, checkups and kindergarten shots, all of the stuff it takes to get 6 kids ready. But I think we are finally there and it is crazy to think that next week all 6 kids will be in school and for the first time in almost 15 years I won't have any kids home with me during the day. 

Kindness Cookies with Therm O Web and Laura Kelly Designs

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A couple of weeks ago I received a really fun package in the mail, full of fun new products for me to use in today's post. Laura Kelly is known for her cute doodles and she is always sharing ideas to promote kindness. She recently partnered with Therm O Web to create a line of stamps created from her doodles, as well as some foils and cute patterned toner sheets to use with the foils. And today I have the opportunity of participating in the Back to School with Kindness Hop with Therm O Web, Laura Kelly, and several other designers to share these new products. 

Crocheted Bear Pencil Bag

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A week or two ago I shared a new pencil bag pattern, using my basic crocheted pencil bag to make a cat pencil bag. I mentioned in that post that I was working on another that I would be sharing soon. This is that bag. 

Camping Perler Bead Designs

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Another week of Summer Camp Crafts. This week I decided to do one of my kids favorite crafts, that I think they first tried at a summer camp, and once they did we started buying the supplies for them to do it at home and it became a favorite activity all year round. It is fun because it is something I remember doing as a kid too.

Personalized Labels for School Supplies

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I know some kids are already back in school, some like my kids head back in the next couple of weeks, and others still have another month before they go back. But if you are in one of the last two categories you are probably getting school supplies ready. Both for kids to take to school, and to have at home for homework. 

Bloque Stitch Blanket

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I have been wanting to make a blanket with Red Heart Super Saver Retro Stripes for a long time, but it has been impossible to find anywhere. When I saw that JOANN had some in stock a month or so ago I ordered some right away. I was so excited to turn it into a cute rainbow baby blanket. Plus I was hoping to have enough left over to make a hat for my rainbow and unicorn loving 9 year old, because the colors totally remind me of her.