5 Little Monsters: September 2022

Fall Wood Bead and Felt Ball Garland

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This week fall will officially be here, and I am so happy about it. I have been loving the fact that temperatures have been cooling off a little bit and it has been starting to look and feel more and more like fall. However, in my craft room it has been fall for a while. I have been making lots of fall craft projects lately, and todays project is a continuation of that, although it could easily be adapted to work for any season or holiday, just change up the colors.

Bloque Stitch Pumpkins

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As I am sure anyone who has been following me for any length of time already knows, I love fall, I love pumpkins, and I love playing with the textures of crochet stitches. Put all of those together and one of my favorite things to crochet in the fall is pumpkins. I have lots of patterns already on my website, some using very basic stitches, and others that use stitches that create really interesting textures. And I am always thinking of new stitches that I think would be fun to try on a pumpkin.

How to Make School Spirit Shirts- Best Cricut Fonts

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I never really imagined myself being a sports mom, mostly because I am pretty much the most unathletic person ever, but this year my two high school kids are both in sports this fall, one in football and one in volleyball, and they are both hoping to play basketball in the winter. So needless to say our evenings and weekends this month have revolved around practices and games. 

Alpine Stitch Pumpkin

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It is time again for another Team Creative Crafts Collaboration, and not surprisingly the theme this month is pumpkins. I have been in a fall/pumpkin crafting mood lately so this was a perfect theme for me. 

Fall Forest Wrap

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I love the colors of fall, especially the variation you see in the leaves as they start to change, from bright greens to golden yellow, oranges, reds, purples, and browns. It is my favorite time of the year. So with fall just around the corner and the hope of cooler days coming and the anticipation of changing leaves I have been wanting to make something cozy and fall-ish. 

Layered Wood Pumpkins

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I am not a huge pumpkin fan when it comes to foods and/or drinks, but when it comes to fall decor I do love them. And with the arrival of September comes pumpkin season in my mind. One reason I like pumpkins is that they work so well from September through November. From general fall decor, through to Halloween, and Thanksgiving.