5 Little Monsters

Aurora Crossbody Purse

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 I have one last pattern to share as a part of the Aurora series, at least for now. I actually planned on stopping with the market bag I shared last week, but as I was working on it I remembered a little crossbody purse that I had made for one of my girls a couple of years ago, and thought it would also work really well with this stitch pattern. 

Wood and Vinyl Summer Decor

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Adding a little paint and vinyl to a piece of wood is an easy way to make a quick decoration for any season or holiday. I wanted to make some summer decorations that weren't specifically 4th of July, since that is the main summer holiday that we decorate for, I wanted something more just summery. So I pulled out my Cricut, some vinyl, and paints. 

Aurora Market Bag

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Last month I shared a water bottle holder pattern using the same stitch pattern I had used for my Aurora Scarf and Aurora Hat, and it is such a great stitch pattern for summer crochet projects that I needed to make another project. It is a little bit open with the mesh rows, but also has some nice texture with the crossed double crochet stitches.  

Grilling Aprons for Dad

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 Father's Day is just around the corner and it is time to start thinking about gifts for dads. My husband, like a lot of men, has been doing a lot of grilling as the weather has warmed up so I thought it would be fun to make something for Father's Day that had a grilling theme. 

Crocheted Donuts

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 My daughter asked if we could get donuts as a special treat to celebrate the first day of summer break now that all of the kids are done with school for the year, and I thought it would be fun so we ran to the store early this morning and picked up a dozen donuts. I had no idea it also happened to be National Donut Day, but it was a really fun coincidence. 

Patriotic Perler Bead Designs

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With the school year ending, or already ended for some people, it is time to start thinking of activities to fill the summer. We try to limit how much screen time our kids can have in the summer and I know it won't be long in our house before we start hearing kids say that they are bored and that there is nothing to do. Mostly just as an attempt to get us to give in and let them have more screen time. 

Crocheted Bee Amigurumi

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 Both of the schools that my kids go to happen to have bees as their mascots. Technically one school is the Yellowjackets and the other is the Bees, but they both use bees in their school spirit stuff and both have black and yellow as their school colors. With the school year coming to a close there have been lots of school activities and lots of bee stuff, so bees have been on my mind.