5 Little Monsters

Peace, Love , Summer T-Shirt

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Every year when the kids get out of school I think I have a great plan for how to transition to having them home all day, while keeping a good routine, and continuing to stay on track with my blog, and every year it doesn't really work out that way. This summer has started off crazy and sometimes when that happens my blog work is the first thing to get set aside. 

Mermaid Shells Water Bottle Holder

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Summertime always means lots of outings, to the park, zoo, amusement parks, hikes, lot of different places. It is also hot and means you need to have water for everyone. Especially when my kids were littler it seemed like I always ended up carrying everyones water bottles and it got heavy. 

Pets Finger Puppet Playset

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 How is it possible that it is already June? This year feels like it is absolutely flying by. Summer break is here, yesterday and today are my kids last days of school. It seems crazy that the year is almost half over. But with another year comes another Team Creative Crafts collaboration and this month the theme is pets/animals. 

Crocheted Dragon

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Today I am excited to be joining CAL Central for the Softie Crochet Along with a new crocheted softie pattern, a cute little crocheted dragon. 

Belle Book Bag

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Belle has always been my favorite Disney Princess, and one of the biggest reasons is the fact that she loves to read. And the beast's library, that alone pretty much cemented Beauty and the Beast as my favorite Disney movie the first time I saw it as a little kid. 

Earth Themed Perler Bead Designs

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In April I planned a set of Perler Bead Designs to share for Earth Day. I created the patterns and everything, but I didn't actually get them made in time to take pictures and write up a blog post before Earth Day so I ended up just pushing it aside and not posting it. 

Graduation Bear

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 It is graduation season, whether it is high school or college, or even just kindergarten or preschool, I think all of us know someone who is celebrating a graduation in the next few weeks (or already did). I thought it would be fun to make a little graduation teddy bear.