5 Little Monsters

Third Loop Crocheted Washcloth

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I recently wanted to make a set of crocheted dishcloths as a gift and rather than using one of the patterns I have already made I decided to create a new pattern and I was really pleased with how they turned out.

Cricut Draw and Cut Floral Bookmarks

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One of my goals this year is to read more. I love reading and as a kid I read all the time. As an adult I have found it harder to make time to read because I feel like I always have a million other things I should be doing. Of course, I also find myself wasting time on my phone a lot so I am trying to spend less time mindlessly scrolling through social media and more time reading books instead.

Sal de Mar Crocheted Hat

-Yarn for this project provided by Fairmount Fibers, North American Distributor of Manos del Uruguay yarns. This post may contain affiliate links.-

Last year I had the opportunity to review some Manos del Uruguay yarn from Fairmount Fibers that included their Cabrito yarn, which is very light, laceweight, kid mohair yarn. I paired it with their Alegria yarn to make a scarf that had stripes of color and texture.

Bloggers Best Crafts of 2019

Find the best crafts of 2019 all in one post!  There are so many great projects that you won't be able to pick just one.

Last week I shared my top posts from 2019 and it was a lot of fun to look back at the things I had made throughout the year. Today I am getting together with 14 creative bloggers to share our top posts from last year.

Infusible Ink Astronaut T-Shirt

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I have a daughter who is kind of obsessed with all things space related, especially NASA, so when I saw that there were a few different galaxy prints of Infusible Ink sheets I had to order some. I wasn't even sure what I would make but I knew she would love them.

Come Follow Me 2020- Book of Mormon Study Bookmarks

At church I teach a youth Sunday school Class for 11-18 year old young men and women. With next Sunday being the first Sunday of the new year we will be starting a new study program, this year studying the Book of Mormon.

The Best of 2019 - Top 19 Posts of the Year

It is always fun at the end of a year to go back and review the things I have done throughout the year. Since we are ending 2019 I decided it would be kind of fun to look through my analytics and see which were the 19 most popular projects I made this year. So counting down from number 19 here are the most popular posts from this year...

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