5 Little Monsters

Tie-Dye Baby Onesies

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 A couple of weeks ago when we tie-dyed masks I had some dye left in the bottles and didn't want it to go to waste so I looked around to see what else I had that I could tie-dye. I happened to have a package of white onesies that I had picked up one time when they were on clearance for really cheap. I thought they would be good to have on hand for iron on projects, and had used a few for that, but I figured they would be fun to dye as well.

String of Beads Hat

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 A couple of years ago I made the pattern for my Bead Stitch Hat and when it comes to wearables it is probably my favorite thing I have crocheted. I have made several since then, including in a few different sizes, and I also have taken that pattern and tweaked it and changed up the stitches to make different variations. 

Infusible Ink Cosmetic Bags

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Cricut recently came out with some new Infusible Ink blanks, products that are specifically made to work well with Infusible Ink. The new blanks include Pillow Covers (in both white and cream), Wine Bags, Toddler Shirts, and Cosmetic Bags. 

Mossy Path Washcloth

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It has been a while since I have shared a new crocheted washcloth pattern. This particular pattern I have had ready to share for a long time but other things kept coming up to push it back, other projects I wanted to share at a specific time, like Harry Potter projects last week, and Christmas in July the week before, or even just projects that were more summery than these. 

Harry Potter Shrinky Dinks

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Like the Perler Beads that I shared at the beginning of the week, Shrinky Dinks are another activity that is always a big hit with my kids. Recently they found an old Shrinky Dink they made at an event we went to almost a year ago and were reminded of the fun that they had. 

Floral Deathly Hallows

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Surprise! It is another Harry Potter project! This one is a design that I drew, uploaded to Design Space and turned into a cute little zipper bag and reverse canvas. It is so fun to take a project from idea to finished product and this one went a totally different direction than I had originally planned. 

Sorting Hat Candy Boxes

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Which Hogwarts House do you belong to? Have you taken quizzes to be sorted or just feel like you belong in a particular house? Or maybe both?