5 Little Monsters

Infusible Ink USA Coasters

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Today I am once again joining Team Creative Crafts to share some fun craft projects along with several other craft bloggers. The theme of this Creative Crafts round is Patriotic Crafts.

Weed, Weld, Blank? What Do All of These Cricut Terms Mean?

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Sometimes when you are starting a new hobby or joining a new community you hear terms that you aren't quite sure what they mean. I see it happen a lot in crafting Facebook groups where people will talk about something using a term or slang specific to that craft and other people have no idea what they are talking about and it can be confusing. 

Star Wars Infusible Ink Projects

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To celebrate Star Wars Day I thought it would be fun to make some Star Wars projects with my Cricut. I wanted to use Infusible Ink transfer sheets because I love to combine the galaxy prints with  Star Wars designs. 

Infusible Ink Mugs with Children's Artwork

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When I got my Cricut Mug Press one of the first things that I thought of doing was using it to let my kids make mugs to give to people with their drawings on them. With Infusible Ink Pens and markers it is so easy for them to draw pictures that can then be transferred onto a mug for a fun personalized design. 

Crocheted Clothes and Accessories for the Long-Legged Bunny, Bear, and Cat

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When I came up with the idea to make the trio of long-legged animals, the Bunny, Bear, and Cat, I wanted them to be toys kids could really play with. In addition to them just being a stuffed animal I wanted them to have clothes and accessories so that my kids could dress them up and play with them. 

Long-Legged Crocheted Cat

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Finally, the last of my trio of long-legged crocheted animals. This little cat has been on my calendar to post about for a long time, it has been a month since I posted the last one. Other stuff kept coming up and the cat kept getting pushed back, but not anymore, today is finally the day. 

Clay Ring Dishes

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I wanted to share these little clay ring dishes, or trinket this week, because I thought with Mother's Day coming up they would cute gift to make for moms and grandmas. And they are simple enough that kids can help. I know when my kids saw that I bought clay they immediately started planning what colors they wanted to use and what they were going to make.