5 Little Monsters: 2019

Rainbow Crossover Crocheted Purse

A couple weeks ago I ran into Hobby Lobby to pick up some things we needed for my son's Pinewood Derby car. I rarely go to Hobby Lobby because it isn't super close to my house so I felt like I couldn't leave without checking out the yarn aisle.

Fireworks Treat Bags

Today I am joining in another round of Craft Lightning, this month with a Patriotic theme. When I was challenged to make a quick patriotic craft that takes 15 minutes or less I immediately thought of making something with my Cricut. Cricut crafts, and more specifically iron on crafts, are often my go to projects for quick crafts. 

V-Stitch Crocheted Spa Set

Mother's Day may have been yesterday but today I am participating in the month long 2019 Celebrate Mom Blog Hop hosted by Pattern Paradise. Each day in the month of May a different crochet design will share a new free crochet pattern perfect for celebrating Mom. There have been lots of great designs so far and will be even more through out the month and there are prizes too, so be sure to check out all of the details.

DIY Ring Dish for Mom

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I am super late getting this post up since Mother's Day is tomorrow, but it is a really quick project so maybe you still have time. Or you can use it for other gifting occasions or save it for next year. I found an inexpensive little wooden tray at Michaels, I think it was only $1, and I thought it would be perfect for a little ring/coin/jewelry dish to set on your nightstand. I thought it would be fun for a little handmade Mother's Day gift, although you could leave off the vinyl saying or change it to make it work for anyone.

Lemon Peel Washcloth

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I really enjoy making crocheted washcloths or dishcloths because they are a great way to try out new stitches. They are pretty quick to make and a set of them can make a great gift.

Best Mom Ever Tumbler

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With Mother's Day just a couple of weeks away I wanted to share a couple of quick gift ideas that you could make for moms and grandmas. This one is super quick and easy to make and can easily be customized for the person you are making it for.

Crocheted Doily Trivets

Over the past 6 months or so I have sharing a few old posts that I originally shared when I had first started blogging and was a contributor on Craftaholics Anonymous. Most of those projects were posted on my blog a few weeks later but some I never shared here. This is one of those projects and I am finally posting it here.

Glitter Coasters

-All products used in this project provided by Plaid, this post may contain affiliate links-

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend Snap Conference, a creative blogger conference. I wrote more about that in my last post, but one of my favorite things there was the Plaid Lounge.

Snap Conference 2019 Recap

(Photo by Catcher in the Rye)
A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend Snap Conference. This was my 5th time attending, which seems crazy. Snap is a conference for creative bloggers; craft bloggers, DIY bloggers, party bloggers, etc. It is a weekend full of classes, both about blogging, tech, and social media stuff, and hands on classes where you can make fun projects and learn new skills. It is great for networking and getting together with people who do the same kind of thing you do, and connecting with companies that sponsor the conference. Over the years I have met lots of great friends and had amazing opportunities to work with brands as a result of going to Snap.

Crocheted Flamingo Amigurumi

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I am really excited to be sharing a new crocheted stuffed animal pattern today, a Flamingo. It has been a while since I have shared something like this but they are some of my favorite projects to create so I really enjoyed making the flamingo. 

Alternating V-Stitch Infinity Scarf

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One of my favorite things to make with striped cake type yarns, like Lion Brand Mandala or Caron Cakes, etc., is infinity scarfs. The long color changes give the scarves a color blocked look. I feel like the abrupt color changes are not as noticeable as they are in something larger and flatter like a blanket. For this scarf I used Lion Brand Mandala Sparkle in Aquarius.

Crossover Crochet Hat Pattern

Last week I shared a new hat pattern based on the same style as my Bead Stitch Hat, the Crossed Doubles Hat. I mentioned I had some other designs I was working on. Today I am sharing one of those other hat designs. I will probably wait until we get close to fall before I share more designs, some of them I am still working on and I kind of want to set hats aside for now to work on some summer and spring projects.

Gamer Girl Shirt

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It seems like most video game themed things are made with boys in mind. My boys love playing video games, probably more than anyone else in our house, but a couple of my girls enjoy them too. One of my girls in particular loves playing with her brothers, or by herself. We have a couple of games that are easy, little kid friendly games that she enjoys. Of course I say that knowing that when the kids talk me into playing MarioKart with them I am completely lost, and have no idea how to do anything besides run into walls over and over, so I guess in our house they are little kid friendly but not so mom friendly.

Crossed Doubles Hat

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I have gotten a little behind on sharing some of my new crochet patterns, so even though it is officially spring and probably a little late for a new winter hat pattern I am still going to share it. I thought about waiting to post it until closer to fall but decided to just go ahead and post it now since I have it ready. We did have snow in Utah just a few days ago so you never know. But I also know a lot of crocheters who crochet things like hats and scarves all year long to sell at craft fairs or give as gifts later in the year.

Kindness Begins With Me T-shirt Design

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I have been kind of MIA the past month so I never shared the last of my Kindness Collection t-shirt designs. I am going to try to get back on track this month and thought that I would start by sharing the last design, kindness begins with me.

Craft Room Wall Art with the Cricut Knife Blade

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Last week I posted all about the Cricut Knife Blade, what it is, what you can cut with it, and tips and tricks for using it successfully. Today I am sharing a project I made with it. 

All About the Cricut Knife Blade

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine. 

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When the Cricut Maker was first announced about a year and a half ago one of the really exciting parts of that announcement was the adaptive tool system that included the rotary blade and the knife blade. Since then the scoring wheels have also been added to that lineup, and who knows what may be added in the future.

Kindness Pass it on T-shirt Design

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This is the second to last kindness design. Just one more left for next week. This time it says "kindness, pass it on".

Making a Quilt with the Cricut Maker

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I used to really enjoy making quilts, and it is one of those things that I just haven't done for a long time. Not that I don't still enjoy it, it has just been a while since I made a quilt. Probably my least favorite part of making a quilt is cutting out the pieces. Either that or binding. I love piecing the quilt though, seeing all of the small squares, triangles, and rectangles coming together to create a beautiful design.

Kindness Matters

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Kindness Collection Design #6, Only a couple of designs left. The first couple of shirts I shared I made for myself or for my husband, these last several I made for my girls, but really any of them could work for any age or size.

Cincuenta Scarf

-Yarn for this project provided by Fairmount Fibers, North America distributor of Manos del Uruguay, all ideas and opinions are my own.-

I few months ago I had the opportunity to try out some yarn from Manos del Uruguay. In that post I shared a bit about my connection with Uruguay and why I was so excited to work with this company. When I was given the chance to try out some more of their yarn I jumped at the chance.

Spread a Little Kindness T-Shirt Design

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Kindness Collection Design #5, This one I made for my daughter. It says "Spread a Little Kindness Wherever You Go".

Mini Heart Tote Bags- Mixing Different Types of Iron On

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Last week I wrote a post all about the Cricut EasyPress 2 and all of the different kinds of iron on you can get, when, and how to use them. Today I am sharing a quick project made with several different types of iron on.

Burly Spun Bolster Pillow

-Product for this post provided by Brown Sheep Company-

Although worsted weight yarn is kind of my go-to yarn, it is always kind of fun to work with thicker yarn. Projects work up much quicker than thinner yarns, and they are nice and thick and cozy. For today's project I was sent some bulky Burly Spun yarn from Brown Sheep Company.

Choose Kindness T-Shirt

This is the 4th design in my kindness collection of t-shirt designs, and the first one that says something other than "Be Kind". For this design I chose the phrase "choose kindness".

Ombre Heart Corner to Corner Blanket

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Corner to corner to corner crochet is a really neat way to make graph designs in crochet. It can seem a  little tricky at first but once you get the hang of it it is really quick and easy. I have seen some pretty amazing graphs that people have crocheted but this project is made with a pretty simple design and only 2 colors.

All About the Cricut EasyPress 2 and Working with Iron On

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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If you have followed my blog for a while you probably know that I love creating with my Cricut. I have a Cricut Maker and I use it all the time. I also love to crochet but crocheting tends to take a quite a while to finish a project.  One of the things that I love about creating with my Cricut is that I can usually make a project start to finish in a very short time. For this reason one of my favorite materials to work with is iron on. I love how quickly I can make projects. For example, just a couple days ago my daughter brought me a plain sweatshirt, explained what she wanted on it, picked out the colors she wanted, and  a few minutes later had a new shirt ready to wear the next day. The longest part was probably creating the design because we were starting from scratch, and even that didn't take very long.

Dreamy Diamonds Throw

- Yarn for this project provided by Red Heart. This post may contain affiliate links.-

Today I am excited to be participating in the Hygge Home Crochet Along. This crochet along started a couple of weeks ago and lasts through the middle of March. Each week a different crochet designer will share a new pattern, each having to do with the theme "Hygge Home", or projects designed to may your home comfy and cozy. You can find all of the crochet along details HERE, including how you can win fun prizes.

Be Kind Circle T-Shirt

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I have been sharing my "be kind" designs each week for a couple of weeks now and I missed last week. Just about everyone in my family got really sick and it was one of those times that I just had to step away from the blog to focus on my family. As a result I wasn't able to get last week's post up, but I am getting back on track this week.

Simple Scrunchies Sewing Tutorial

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Today I am excited to be sharing a year long sew along that I am participating in with 11 other bloggers. You can find all of the details on Underground Crafter. The basics are that every other week one of us will be sharing a small sewing project, a "little gift" idea. Something that takes 1-4 fat quarters, or less than 1 yard of fabric to make. They will all work as stocking stuffers, or for any other time you need a small gift. The idea is that by the end of the year you will have lots of little gift ideas perfect for Christmas stockings, or just building up a stash of gifts.

All You Need is Love Valentine's Shirt- with free SVG

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I have been wanting to design my own cut files for a while now. Most of the designs I create and make with my Cricut are made in Cricut Design Space using elements and fonts available there. I don't mind creating things in that way but it is limiting using premade design elements and sometimes I have a specific idea I want to create from scratch, 100% my own.

Kindness Shirt 2: Be Kind Script Circle

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Last week I shared a Be Kind Shirt design and mentioned that I would be sharing one each week for the next several weeks. Today I am sharing my second Be Kind shirt, and I think this one might be my favorite. 

ASL I Love You Frame

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Last year I made a collection of t-shirt designs using ASL. My favorite was the I love you sign and I thought it would be perfect to use in a valentine themed project. 

Frosty Forest Cowl

-Yarn for this project provided by Kraemer Yarns. This post may contain affiliate links.-

I recently had the opportunity to try out some yarn from Kraemer Yarns, their Perfection Worsted yarn. Worsted weight is by far my favorite yarn to use. I love the drape and detail you can get with thinner yarns and enjoy working with them occasionally but I always feel like it takes forever to finish a project. I love the quickness of projects made with bulky yarns, but feel like I am somewhat limited on the detail and types of projects I can make. So although I enjoy working with all weights and types of yarns, worsted weight is definitely my go to yarn weight.

The Aspen Cowl

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Earlier this week I shared a new hat pattern, The Aspen Hat, and today I am sharing the matching cowl pattern. I am excited to be sharing this pattern as part of ELK Studio's Make it for Me event. Check it out to find lots of fun projects for you.

Kindness Shirt 1: Be Kind Type Shirt

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I few months ago I came up with a series of t-shirt designs based around the theme of kindness. I was feeling like I was seeing so much negativity and hatefulness, especially on social media, that it was on my mind a lot. I hated seeing how acceptable it was to say whatever mean things you want just because you happen to disagree with someone, whether it be political, religious, or even just your taste in movies. I want to try to teach my kids to be kind and respectful to others, regardless of whether or not they agree on all things.

Rose Gold Deathly Hallows Sweatshirt

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For Christmas my husband asked me to make him a couple of hoodies with iron on designs on them. I made one with a design from one of his favorite books and another with one of my own designs, which I will be sharing in a couple of weeks. After I made his sweatshirts I decided they looked really comfy and I needed to make one for myself.

The Aspen Hat

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January is not my favorite time of the year. It is so cold and Christmas is over, although there are several birthdays in my family so that is one bright spot. But one thing about a month that is freezing cold is it is a great month for crocheting. And for wearing the things that you crochet.

Dream Big Sign

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For Christmas we put together a little craft area for our oldest daughter. She loves making things and spending time in my craft room playing with all of my supplies. A month or two ago I shared part of the gift we put together for her. We put together a beginner craft kit with lots of supplies so that she could make pretty much anything she wanted without needing to get into my stuff.

Easy Flannel Pocket Hand Warmers

It has been pretty cold this past week. I mean, it was the last week of December so that isn't really surprising. We didn't really have a white Christmas but that night it started snowing and continued off and on for the rest of the week.

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