5 Little Monsters: 2019

Yarn Wrapped Pumpkin

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I was at Dollar Tree the other day with my daughter, she earned a trip to the dollar store as a reward for doing something really hard. While I was walking around waiting for her to choose something I was looking for things I could use as craft projects.

Easy Halloween Pillow Boxes

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Today I am participating in another Craft Lightning round. This is when a bunch of craft bloggers share super quick projects (15 minutes or less) that go along with a specific theme. This week the theme is Party Crafts.

Puff Stitch Stripes Hat

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Have you ever been sucked in by the pretty colors in a skein of variegated yarn, buy it and bring it home and wonder what you were thinking. You try a bunch of different stitches and/or patterns only to have everything you try look terrible? The colors pool in weird ways, or all of the colors look really busy and you can't see the stitch definition?

Toddler Skeleton Shirt

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I have a 3 year old who has been obsessed with Halloween lately. He has been talking for at least the past month about what he wants to dress up as, and it changed on an almost daily basis. We have heard everything from Batman, and Catboy, to a vampire, Chewbacca or the Hulk. Now that Halloween decorations have started coming out in stores he has gotten even more excited.

Welcome to Our Web

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I know it is barely September but I am definitely feeling ready for fall. I think once the kids go back to school I am ready to make the switch from summer to fall, and even more once September hits. Part of that is wanting to start working on fall and Halloween projects.

Happy Birthday Coupon Book with New Cricut Tools

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Cricut recently came out with 4 new tools for the Cricut Maker and I just got them a few days ago and had the opportunity to try them out. All 4 tools are part of the adaptive tool set that works only with the Cricut Maker. There is the Basic Perforation Blade, the Wavy Blade, the Fine Debossing Tip, and the Engraving Tip.

12 Unicorn Crafts

Having posted a few new unicorn themed crochet patterns over the past few weeks I thought it would be fun to do a quick unicorn craft roundup and put all of the unicorn crafts I have made in one place. And since I have a unicorn obsessed daughter I have quite a few.

Crocheted Unicorn Purse

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After I made a mermaid purse to go along with my mermaid pencil bag I decided I also needed to make a unicorn purse to go along my unicorn pencil bag. I made the mermaid version to match pretty closely with the pencil bag, but this time I kind of changed things up a little more. However, you could make them match more if you want.

Textured Crochet Hat

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A few months ago I shared a little newborn hat pattern that used the Lemon Peel Stitch to give it a neat texture. I really liked the way the hat turned out and thought it would be nice to make a similar hat in a larger size.

Home Sweet Home Block

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I have had this little house shaped block sitting in my craft supplies for months after I picked it up at Michaels. It is actually supposed to be a birdhouse but I thought it would be cute with "Home Sweet Home" or some other home themed saying on it. I brought it home and set it in my wood shapes bin and kind of forgot about it.

5 Mermaid Crafts

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Since I have shared a couple of mermaid patterns over the last couple of weeks I thought it would be fun to gather up all of the mermaid posts that I have shared over the years into one place.

Crocheted Mermaid Tail Purse

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A couple of weeks ago I posted a crocheted mermaid tail pencil bag, and as I was making it I thought that a coordinating mermaid tail purse would be really cute, so I decided to make one.

Infusible Ink T-Shirt

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A couple of months ago I received a box in the mail from Cricut. It was filled with all sorts of infusible ink goodies and I have shared a few projects I made including a tote bag, and two sets of coasters. In the box they also sent a t-shirt and although I made it around the same time I haven't gotten around to sharing it yet and thought it was about time. 

Blue Paradise Cowl

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I recently had the opportunity to try out some new yarn, which is always a lot of fun. This time the yarn is Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep Company.

Watercolor Bookmarks

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My kids went back to school today, and I'm not going to lie, as much as I love my children I was so ready for them to be back in school. I am ready to get back in a good routine and to have more time to work on projects and other things I want or need to do.  I only have one kid left at home during the day which makes it so much easier to get things done.

Idea Journal with Vinyl Decal

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With all of the back to school prep for kids I thought I would make something for myself too. As much as I love using technology for keeping track of things, I am definitely a pencil and paper person for some things. Especially when it comes to ideas and brainstorming.

Learning is my Superpower T-Shirt

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Yesterday I shared a back to school t-shirt design, and today I have another one. Just like the "Smart is the new Cool" design, I wanted it to be a design that was not specific to the first day of school but would still be fun for kids heading back to school.

Smart is the New Cool T-Shirt

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I wanted to make a couple of Back-to School themed t-shirts this year, but I kind of wanted to do something that wasn't specific to the first day of school or the grade the child is going into. I have seen a lot of the "First Day of First Grade" type of shirts and although they are fun and cute I feel like they are only really good to wear that one day. If I am going to make a shirt I would rather it be something that can be worn over and over again.

10 Crocheted Pencil Bags

I have created quite a few pencil bags over the years, including 2 new ones this past week. I thought I would put together a  quick round up of all of my pencil bags, and I can add to it as I design more.

Unicorn Pencil Bag

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I have made several crocheted pencil bags over the years that I have had this blog and I have been wanting to make a unicorn version for a couple of years now. I decided that this year was the year it was going to happen and I finally got it done. 

Vinyl Notebook Subject Labels

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I know some people have already started back to school, and those that haven't will be soon. Mine start back in a little over a week. Since we are in the final days of summer break I have had school supplies and back to school shopping on my mind.

Crocheted Mermaid Tail Pencil Pouch

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School starts in less than 2 weeks for us so I have had school supplies on my mind. One of my favorite back to school crochet projects is pen or pencil pouches. I have made quite a few different styles that I have shared here, but todays pencil pouch is a little different than the others I have made. It was inspired by my daughter who loves mermaids.

Unicorn Magic Headband

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I have a little girl who is obsessed with Unicorns, and I think just about every little girl in her class at school is just as obsessed as she is. When I saw Unicorn Magic Snack Pack Pudding Cups at Walmart I knew she would love them as a treat. They will be especially fun with school starting soon for an after school snack. And to go along with the special unicorn puddings I made her a cute unicorn headband to wear.

Crochet Cute Critters- Book Review and Giveaway

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Sarah Zimmerman from Repeat Crafter Me was one of the first crochet bloggers I started following. I have made so many of her little owl hats. So, when given the opportunity to review her new amigurumi book, Crochet Cute Critters, I was excited to do it. And even better, they are giving a copy to one of you as well.

Platform 9 3/4 Reverse Canvas

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I couldn't let Harry Potter's birthday go by without sharing a quick Harry Potter project. A Platform 9 3/4 Reverse Canvas.

Fat Quarter Doll Quilt

Today I am participating a year long sew along with 11 other bloggers. This is actually my second project as part of this sew along, my first was a simple scrunchies tutorial that I shared earlier this year. You can find all of the details for the sew along on Underground Crafter. Basically every other week one of us will be sharing a small sewing project, a "little gift" idea. It will be something that takes 1-4 fat quarters, or less than 1 yard of fabric to make. They will all work as stocking stuffers, or for any other time you need a small gift. The idea is that by the end of the year you will have lots of little gift ideas perfect for Christmas stockings, or just building up a stash of gifts.

Crocheted Bear Ornament

One last Christmas in July post today. Although I will have a small gift idea, part of the Little Gifts Sew Along, to share tomorrow but it isn't specifically Christmas themed.

Christmas Buckets

One of the great things about starting to prepare for Christmas in July is finding great deals on Summer things that work for Christmas too. Lots of stores have things like metal buckets, trays, and lanterns meant for summer get-togethers and holidays, but they work great for Christmas too.

Lacy Crocheted Angel Ornament

This week I wanted to share some "Christmas in July" projects. It is crazy to think that Christmas is only 5 months away. Now is a great time to get started on Christmas projects, too often I end up waiting until November to get started and end up only finishing half of the things on my list.

Painted Rocks with Gold Accents

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It has been a while since I have participated in a Craft Lightning, where a bunch of bloggers get together and share quick crafts that can be made in 15 minutes or less. Each round of Craft Lightning has a specific theme and this time it is Painted Rocks.

Wattle Stitch Washcloth

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Today I am excited to share a new crocheted washcloth pattern as part of the Washcloth Crochet Along with CAL Central. You can find all of the details about the crochet along, including links to the other washcloth patterns and prizes you can win HERE.

Infusible Ink Coasters with Transfer Sheets

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Last week I shared the coasters I made with Cricut's new infusible ink pens, now I am going to share how I used the other two coasters in the package. For these two I used the infusible ink transfer sheets instead of pens. 

Two Color Zipper Pouch

Today I am excited to be participating in the Christmas in July Make Along with Underground Crafter. 29 bloggers are coming together to bring you a month full of crochet, knitting, and sewing pattern to help kickstart your handmade holidays. Each week will have a theme for the gift patterns and ideas.

Infusible Ink Coasters with Pens

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When Cricut sent me a box of their new Infusible Ink products I was really excited to try out the transfer sheets on the shirt and tote bag. It was really cool to see how the ink transferred into the fibers of the fabric, rather than sitting on top of it like iron on vinyl does. But as impressive as that was I think it was even cooler when I tried the coasters.

Top Knot Crocheted Baby Hat

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I have been in sort of a crochet funk lately. I have just been having such a hard time wanting to work on things and getting projects done, especially bigger projects. I think when I get to that point one of the best things is to make something small. Something that I can finish quick and feel that satisfaction and accomplishment that comes with finishing a new design.

Easy Vinyl Embellishments for a Play Kitchen

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One of my favorite things about being a crafter is that my kids think I can make anything. Sometimes their requests are a little more than my abilities can manage but a lot of times I try to make it work. One of the simpler things I was asked to to involved my daughter's play kitchen. 

Type One Diabetes T-Shirt Designs

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I have mentioned a few times before my daughter's recent diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes. She has been super amazing through all of it and hardly ever complains about all of the pokes. Instead she has been pretty fascinated by all of it and feels like it is something special about her.

Photo Pen Caddy

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A couple months ago HP sent me a fun little package that included an HP Sprocket Printer that instantly prints little 2" x 3" photos from your smartphone. They also sent me a pen caddy with slots to add photos printed with the Sprocket. 

Infusible Ink Library Bag

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Last week Cricut announced a new product line, Infusible Ink. It is pretty cool stuff and I was really excited when I came home from running errands later that day to a surprise box on my porch filled with all sorts of Infusible Ink awesomeness.

A Creative Legacy

Creativity is such an important part of my life and I often think about how grateful I am to have grown up around so many people who valued and exemplified creativity. Through their example I learned the importance of being creative, and was able to develop my own talents and the desire to always try new things. 

Contrast Faux Pocket T-Shirts

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I really love all of the vinyl and iron on choices that you can find now. One of my favorites is patterned vinyl and iron on, the patterns can be so cute and fun, but sometimes I have a hard time knowing how to use it best. The bigger the pattern the harder it is for me to figure out what project to use it in because I want to make sure you can see that pattern, while also not distracting from the design that I cut out.

Textured Newborn Baby Hat

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While I was at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago I decided to pick up a tiny little ball of yarn, Yarn Bee Lil' Dollop. It was one of those times I bought yarn without a specific project in mind, it was just something I had never seen before and thought might be interesting to try. It was like a mini striped yarn cake and I thought it would be fun for a small project.

Basic Newborn Hat with 2 Band Options

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Newborn baby hats are a super quick project and they are great to have on hand for baby gifts or to  donate to hospitals or other charities. Today I am sharing a couple different versions of a really basic hat in newborn size.

Rainbow Crossover Crocheted Purse

A couple weeks ago I ran into Hobby Lobby to pick up some things we needed for my son's Pinewood Derby car. I rarely go to Hobby Lobby because it isn't super close to my house so I felt like I couldn't leave without checking out the yarn aisle.

Fireworks Treat Bags

Today I am joining in another round of Craft Lightning, this month with a Patriotic theme. When I was challenged to make a quick patriotic craft that takes 15 minutes or less I immediately thought of making something with my Cricut. Cricut crafts, and more specifically iron on crafts, are often my go to projects for quick crafts. 

V-Stitch Crocheted Spa Set

Mother's Day may have been yesterday but today I am participating in the month long 2019 Celebrate Mom Blog Hop hosted by Pattern Paradise. Each day in the month of May a different crochet design will share a new free crochet pattern perfect for celebrating Mom. There have been lots of great designs so far and will be even more through out the month and there are prizes too, so be sure to check out all of the details.

DIY Ring Dish for Mom

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I am super late getting this post up since Mother's Day is tomorrow, but it is a really quick project so maybe you still have time. Or you can use it for other gifting occasions or save it for next year. I found an inexpensive little wooden tray at Michaels, I think it was only $1, and I thought it would be perfect for a little ring/coin/jewelry dish to set on your nightstand. I thought it would be fun for a little handmade Mother's Day gift, although you could leave off the vinyl saying or change it to make it work for anyone.

Lemon Peel Washcloth

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I really enjoy making crocheted washcloths or dishcloths because they are a great way to try out new stitches. They are pretty quick to make and a set of them can make a great gift.

Best Mom Ever Tumbler

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With Mother's Day just a couple of weeks away I wanted to share a couple of quick gift ideas that you could make for moms and grandmas. This one is super quick and easy to make and can easily be customized for the person you are making it for.

Crocheted Doily Trivets

Over the past 6 months or so I have sharing a few old posts that I originally shared when I had first started blogging and was a contributor on Craftaholics Anonymous. Most of those projects were posted on my blog a few weeks later but some I never shared here. This is one of those projects and I am finally posting it here.
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