5 Little Monsters: August 2022

Trio of Crocheted Jar Covers

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Kids heading back to school in our house always means getting school supplies for home too. Making sure we have everything ready for homework needs, like pens and pencils, colored pencils, crayons, scissors, and glue, all organized and ready to use. There are tons of different ways you can store those kinds of things, but one thing that works great for pens and pencils and stuff like that, and is pretty inexpensive and easy to find, is pint size mason jars. And crocheted jar covers are an easy way to add some color and cuteness. 

Crochet Backpack Buddies- Bear and Koala

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I know I am kind of late on the back to school stuff this year since school has already started back up in a lot of places, but I am trying to squeeze a few last minute projects in before my kids head back to school next week. If I am being completely honest- I am so ready for my kids to be back in school, to get back into the routine of the school year. Laid back summer is nice, but I am ready to get that structure back, as well as some kid free time during the day to get stuff done. And the truth is, they are just as ready to go back. They miss seeing their friends everyday, and luckily all of our kids enjoy school for the most part. 

Friendship Bracelet Style Bookmark

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A new month means another Team Creative Crafts collaboration and this month the theme is back to school crafts. It is crazy to think that summer is already coming to an end and kids are heading back to school soon, or in some places already have. My kids head back in a couple of weeks and we have been spending a lot of time lately getting things ready, going to registrations, school shopping, and attempting to get back in a good routine for the school year.