5 Little Monsters: July 2021

Boondoggle Keychains

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Another week of Summer Camp Craft Saturdays. We are on to week 5 out of 9, so we are over halfway through. This week we are making boondoggle keychains, which if you are like Napoleon Dynamite you may have made an infinity of them at scout camp.

12 Harry Potter Crafts


Typically in July I do a Harry Potter week around the 31st, sharing some Harry Potter themed crafts to celebrate his birthday. This year I had other projects planned and wasn't able to fit a Harry Potter week in the schedule, but I still thought it would be fun to put together a post with all of my Harry Potter themed projects from over the years in one place. 

Kind is Cool Tote Bag

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A couple of weeks ago I went to Micheals, not really intending to buy anything, just to look around and waste some time while my husband got a haircut next door. But it turned out they were having a big clearance sale and I ended up leaving with a big bag full of stuff. Mostly kid craft kits that I got for my kids to use, but I also grabbed a few other things. One of those things was this rope handled tote bag. 

Crocheted Cat Pencil Bag

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School supplies have started showing up in stores over the last couple of weeks and at first I thought that seemed so early, but then I realized my kids go back to school in less than a month. Crazy! And I know some people go back even sooner than they do. I am not sure where the summer went exactly, but I guess it is time to think about going back to school. 

Clay Disc Bead Bracelets

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This week's Summer Camp Craft Saturday project is a little late. I had a super busy week ending with my 5 year old's birthday, but I figured better late than never so here we are. This week we are making bracelets again, but this time with beads. Clay disc beads to be exact. 

Rainbow Doodle Stickers

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The other day I was doodling on my iPad, making little rainbow designs, not really with the intention of turning them into anything. But, as I was drawing I decided that they might make fun little stickers. 

Ice Dyed Scrunchies

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We are at week 3 of the 9 weeks of Summer Camp Craft Saturdays. So far we have done friendship bracelets, and painted rocks. One of the camp crafts I wanted to be sure to include in this series was tie dye. But since I have a few tie dye projects on my blog already, I kind of wanted to try something I hadn't done before. 

Mossy Path Crocheted Hat in 9 Sizes

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 It is time for Christmas in July! Today I am participating in a Christmas in July Make Along with Underground Crafter. This month a bunch of bloggers are teaming up to bring you a full month of free patterns to help you kickstart your holiday making. Each week has a theme and this week is "Gifts for Anyone". And, if you join in the make along by making some of the projects we share you can enter to win some fun prizes at the end of the month. 

Foiled Sticker Tags with Cricut Joy

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I have been wanting to try out the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool ever since they first came out quite a while ago, and I finally got one. There are two different versions, the first one that came out worked in the Maker and Explore machines, but it was not compatible with the Joy. Then they came out with a Cricut Joy version that works only with the Joy and that is the one that I got. 

V-Stitch Market Bag

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A week or two ago I ran to Micheals to pick up something that I needed for a project and while I was there I saw that they had a display of the new Premier Chameleon color changing yarn. I had seen advertisements for it on social media and I thought it would be kind of fun to try out. 

Rock Painting

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It is time for another Summer Camp Craft Saturday! This is the second of 9 weeks of summer camp crafts, and we are painting rocks.

Crochet Hat Templates

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It is currently 100+ degrees here in Utah in July so it feels a little weird to be crocheting winter hats, but that is what I am doing right now. I have a new hat pattern coming next week as part of a Christmas in July Craft Along that I am participating in, and I am making it in several different sizes from baby to adult. 

Wizarding Spells Shirt

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When I got the invitation to join the latest edition of Creative Crafts I immediately signed up, without hesitation. It is time again for some Harry Potter crafts, which I always have a fun time making. Last year for the Creative Crafts: Harry Potter Edition I made a crocheted Hedwig, which I absolutely loved, and I was excited to make another Harry Potter project. 

Friendship Bracelets- 5 Ways

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I grew up in a very crafty house, my mom taught me to make lots of different kinds of crafts, to sew, and crochet, but I still feel like I also have great memories of making crafts at my church girl's camp in the summer, or other activities where we would make simple crafts. There is a certain nostalgia that comes with those summer camp type crafts. I think it is because they are something that most of us probably experienced in some way as a kid and it brings back those memories of childhood, and some of those earliest creative, crafty experiences.

Crocheted Triceratops

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A few years ago I made a crocheted dinosaur softie as part of a softie crochet-a-long and it has been one of my favorite projects ever since. I loved dinosaurs as a little kid, maybe obsessed was a better word. I had books and stuffed animals, so many little plastic dinosaurs, bright yellow curtains hanging in my room that had red, blue, green, and white dinosaurs all over them. I had the most boring dinosaur encyclopedia ever, not like the ones you can get now that have lots of cool pictures and diagrams and lots of color, nope, this was just a big, thick book full of information about dinosaurs with a couple of black and white drawings throughout, and I read that thing over and over. I was fascinated by dinosaurs.