5 Little Monsters: January 2023

Building Brick Printable Valentines

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Last week I shared some printable Valentine cards that can be paired with stickers, and today I wanted to share another fun Valentine card idea. This time using little brick building sets.

Pocket Size Puffy Hearts

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A few years ago I made a crocheted puffy heart pattern and this year I wanted to kind of revisit that pattern and make a new version of a crocheted puffy heart. This time a little bit smaller.

Sticker Printable Valentines

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Every year for the last few years I have tried to come up with a few non-food Valentines ideas. A set of printable cards that can be given to classmates with a little inexpensive gift that isn't candy. 

Shirts for Readers with Cricut Iron On

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I have always loved reading, especially when I was a kid. I frequently stayed up way too late at night because I just had to finish the book I was reading. I have a couple of kids that are pretty big readers, especially my oldest and youngest daughters, and it makes me so happy. My oldest daughter stopped by her school library on a daily basis last year to check out books. At the end of the school year she asked the librarian how many books she had checked out that school year and it was over 200! And she hasn't slowed down this school year either. She usually has more than one book that she is reading at a time, which I don't understand at all because I can only handle one book at a time. The table by her bed always has a stack of books on it. 

Snowbound Hat

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Here in Utah we welcomed the new year with a big snowstorm. We got about a foot of snow dumped on us on New Year's Day. It started in the middle of the night and snowed all day and into the next. I was grateful we didn't have many places that we needed to go until the snow stopped and the roads finally got cleared.

Aurora Crocheted Jar Cover

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 It is not only a new month but a new year too! I kind of took an unplanned month off in December from blogging. My family, like pretty much everyone else it seems, got hit pretty hard by sickness last month, then we had a busy schedule of Christmas parties, winter programs, and end of the year concerts, followed by having kids home for the break. I feel like I had a hard time finding not only time, but also motivation and ideas to make stuff. But now I am ready to be back to crafting after taking a break, and I am excited to share some new projects with you.