5 Little Monsters: June 2017

Cricut 101: Make Your Own Designs + A Patriotic Cut File

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One of the things that I love to do with my Cricut is use images, shapes, and text available in Design Space to create my own designs. You can combine them in all sorts of ways to make anything you want. Sometimes you may only want part of an image or maybe you want to add something to it. I feel like when it comes to creating your own designs some of your best friends in Design Space are the slice, weld, attach, group, and ungroup tools. Once you know how to use those tools you can create pretty much anything you want.

Cricut 101: Can I upload my own images? + CTR Bag

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Often times when I make things on my Cricut I like to use my own images. Whether that be something that I create somewhere or an image that I bought or found online, there are many times that I have a specific design that I want to use that is not found in Design Space. You can use just about any image you want and it really isn't hard to do at all.

Cricut 101: What Can You Cut + DIY Chalkboards and Whiteboards

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Have you ever wondered what kinds of materials you can cut with a Cricut? There are so many differnt things that you can cut. I have a few favorites that I cut all the time, some I use from time to time, and some that I have yet to try. In this post we are going to talk about those different materials and I am going to share a really quick and fun project that I made with some new materials that I tried out. 

How To Crochet: The Magic Ring

video tutorial showing how to crochet the magic ring

I have been wanting to make some short crochet videos for a while, showing a stitch or technique, and I decided to finally do it. One of the crochet techniques I get asked about most frequently is the magic ring (also called the magic circle or magic loop), so I thought I would start with that. In this quick video I show why you may want to use the magic ring in place of working into a ring of chains, and how I make the magic ring.

Owl Pocket Pillow

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This Owl Pillow has a pocket on the back with a simple button closure. It is perfect for holding some pajamas to take on a sleepover or to grandma and grandpa's house, or maybe a favorite book that can be read at bedtime or brought outside to relax and read on a warm summer day.