5 Little Monsters: My Favorite Dishcloths: Sedge Stitch Dishcloth

Friday, April 17, 2015

My Favorite Dishcloths: Sedge Stitch Dishcloth

A couple of weeks ago I shared one of my favorite dishcloth patterns, the Moss Stitch Dishcloth, and today I am going to share another of my favorites. The Moss Stitch Dishcloth is great when you are wanting a quick and easy dishcloth that has a little bit of texture to it but sometimes you want something that is a little bit prettier. When I want a pretty dishcloth that still has a lot of texture the Sedge Stitch Dishcloth is my go-to. This is probably my very favorite stitch to use for dishcloths. 

I have used this pattern to make  both dishcloths and washcloths. As dishcloths I usually pair them with a bottle of dish soap. Sometimes, when I am looking for a more girly gift I pair a washcloth or two with some pretty smelling body wash or lotion. I think that this stitch works well for either type. I feel like some stitches have too utilitarian of a feel to make a good washcloth. If I am making it as a washcloth I want something with a little bit more feminine feel. With this cloth I feel like you get both texture and functionality and that pretty femininity. 

This cloth uses a few more stitches than the last one I posted so it is not as much of a beginner stitch but it is not hard either. It uses a combination of double crochet, half double crochet, and single crochet.

Again, I always use cotton yarn for my dishcloths. For these I used some white that I had in my stash, I am pretty sure it was Sugar 'n Cream but the label was long gone, it was from a big cone that I got a long time ago. The other two colors were Peaches & Cream yarn that I picked up at Walmart, mint and iced strawberry.

Sedge Stitch Dishcloth

You will need:
  • 100% cotton yarn (the size I made mine took a little over half of a 2.5 oz. ball)
  • H crochet hook
Starting chain is a multiple of 3 +2
Starting with a chain of 29 my dishcloth measured about 9 inches
After the first row you will always be working into the sc from the previous row

ch 29

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, (1 hdc, 1 dc) in same stitch, [skip 2 ch, (sc, hdc, dc) in next ch] repeat until you have 3 ch left, skip 2, sc in last ch, turn

Row 2: ch 1, (sc, hdc, dc) in first stitch (last sc from previous row), [skip 2 stitches, (sc, hdc, dc) in next stitch] repeat until there are 3 stitches remaining, sc in last sc, turn

Repeat row 2 until your dishcloth is the size that you want, finish off, weave in ends

Like I said, this is probably my favorite dishcloth pattern, I love the texture and look of it. I hope you enjoy it too.

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  1. Dishcloths are so fun to make. What a great idea for a gift!

    I hope you can stop by:



  2. What a great gift idea! I love a quick, chunky stitch.

  3. Thank you for the lovely pattern!

  4. I bought a lot of cotton thread on sale recently and want to thank you for this pattern :) Now I can make a bunch of these and give them as gifts :)

  5. So if I want to make it a little bigger I just keep adding 3s and then a+2 at the end?

    1. Multiples of 3 then plus 2
      So 3,6,9,12 chains then add 2 more.

    2. Multiples of 3 then plus 2
      So 3,6,9,12 chains then add 2 more.

  6. Another great pattern, again thank you for sharing!

  7. I am still struggling to understand how to read crochet patterns. Could someone write out the long version, or do a video tutorial? Please

  8. I love these dishcloths! I have been using them for months. I also made a couple, hand sewed them together and added a border of double crochet around the top. Then I crocheted a strap and it made a darling purse for my daughter. :) I love how this stitch is easy to do, pretty, fairly tight, and also still slightly feminine. Thanks for the great pattern.

  9. I haven't made any in awhile, this looks like a nice stitch. I used to make ones that started in the corner and worked diagonally.

  10. I love this pattern , thank you so very much ! I will use this often .

  11. I don't understand where to put the last stitch on the second row

  12. I am a novice crocheter and I do not understand how row 2 is to be ended. Could you please explain it more clear to a new crocheter?

  13. Thank you so much for a great pattern! I really am enjoying making them, and giving them to my sisters and friends. The texture is just right. Quick and easy! My kind of pattern!!
    I would like to try to explain the last stitch for Paula:
    After Doing your (sc, hdc, dc) across in row 2, and you are to the end, if you can kinda pull the previous row of (sc, hdc, dc) apart slightly you'll be able to see the sc from row one. This is the exact hole to stitch the sc to end row 2. At least this is what works for me. Hope that helps you out.

  14. I love this dishcloth. I've always been told to put a border around my dishcloths. Just wondering if no border is needed for this pattern

  15. Nice simple pattern that works up quick.


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