5 Little Monsters: Free Pattern- Crocheted Ninja Turtle Pencil Bag

Free Pattern- Crocheted Ninja Turtle Pencil Bag

I have another crochet pattern to share today, this time though I am guest posting on my husbands blog so you will need to click over there for the pattern. He loves all things geek so he has a blog where he writes about all kinds of geeky stuff. If you like that kind of stuff you should go check it out. His blog is The Geeky Mormon. We have decided to do a new feature on his blog where I will share a geek-related craft a couple of times a month. Today is the first time and I will be sharing the pattern for this crocheted Ninja Turtle Pencil Bag. 

Click Here for the pattern

It is a little crocheted pencil bag, about 9"x5", perfect for back to school. I have a little boy who loves Ninja Turtles so he will be using this little bag as a place to keep his colored pencils.

Hope you enjoy, remember to click over to The Geeky Mormon to get the pattern and look forward to more geeky patterns and ideas coming soon.

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