5 Little Monsters: 18 inch Doll Accessories: Owl Hat and Striped Scarf

18 inch Doll Accessories: Owl Hat and Striped Scarf

Recently my oldest daughter has become somewhat obsessed with American Girl dolls. She gets the catalog in the mail and loves looking at all of the dolls and their clothes and accessories. She even found and watched videos on You Tube about American Girls dolls. Every time we go to the library she checks out American Girl books, faster than we can read them so most get returned unread. The truth is she will probably never get and American Girl doll because I am way too cheap to ever spend that much money on a doll, but the good news for her is that there are plenty of cheaper options and she doesn't really know the difference. She had her 6th birthday earlier this month and one day, maybe a week before her birthday, we happened to be at Walmart and saw that they had some of their 18 inch dolls on clearance. I knew she would love to get an "American Girl" doll, or anything that looked like one, for her birthday so we grabbed it. I had all sorts of different ideas of things I could make to go along with it but unfortunately the week leading up to her birthday we were super busy so most of them didn't happen. I still have tons of ideas of things I want to make for her so I am sure there will be more doll posts in the future, probably around Christmas time. 

It ended up that the only things that I had ready to give her on her birthday were an owl hat and a scarf. The really sad part was that the owl hat was one that I had already made so really the only thing that I was able to get made for her was the scarf. I actually tried making an owl hat specifically for her doll using a doll earflap hat pattern that I found on Ravelry but it turned out too big. I had this pink and blue had that I had made using the newborn owl hat pattern from Repeat Crafter Me a while ago but it had turned out kind of small. The pattern uses Vanna's Choice yarn which is a #4 medium weight yarn but it is on the heavier end, for this hat I used Caron Simply Soft which although also #4 medium weight is much thinner. As a result the newborn hat came out a little too small. I tried it on a doll and it fit better than the one that I made so I just used that one instead. I still had some of the same yarn left so I decided to make a scarf to match. 

I debated whether or not to put the scarf pattern on here because it is really so simple. It is just a double crochet scarf. But, in the end I decided to do it, maybe it will save someone the extra work of having to figure out how wide to make it if they decide to try one. 

18 inch Doll Striped Scarf

worsted weight yarn in two colors (I used Caron Simply Soft)
G hook
yarn needle for weaving in ends

*turning ch 3 counts as a dc

ch 8
Row 1: dc in the 4th ch from the hook and each ch across, ch 3, turn (6 dc, including turning ch)
Row 2: dc across, switch colors, ch 3, turn
Row 3: dc across, ch 3, turn
Row 4: dc across, switch colors, ch 3, turn 

Repeat rows 3 and 4 until the scarf is as long as you want. I did 42 rows, 21 stripes. I wanted to start and end on the same color stripes. Weave in ends.

For the fringe cut 24 pieces of yarn about 6-8 inches long. Using two at a time attach them to each stitch at each end of the scarf with a larks head knot (fold them in half, pull the folded end through the stitch at the end of the scarf, pull the cut ends through the folded end, pull the cut end to tighten). After you have attached all of your fringe trim it to the length you want. 

That's it, super simple. The worst part about it is weaving in the ends. 

Hopefully I will have a lot more doll accessory tutorials in the near future. I have several ideas of thing to make, I just have to find the time to make them. 

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