5 Little Monsters: A Star Wars Valentine: Geek Craft on The Geeky Mormon

A Star Wars Valentine: Geek Craft on The Geeky Mormon

It has been quite a while since I have done a Geek Craft post on The Geeky Mormon. I am going to try to do that more frequently this year. Today I have a geeky valentine project to share. If you, like me, have someone you love who likes geeky things, and more specifically Star Wars, than this is a fun, easy gift to make for them.  I have to admit that although I am married to a geek, I have still not seen all of the Star Wars movies all the way through but I did know about this scene and I thought it would be fun to make it into a gift for my husband somehow. In his office he has a wall of geeky pictures, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Superheroes, etc. I thought, why not make him something to hang on that wall and came up with the idea of a framed embroidery.

If you want to make your own you can find the downloadable pattern and instructions on how to make it by clicking over to The Geeky Mormon. Enjoy.

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