5 Little Monsters: Friday Freebies Roundup: Avengers Crafts

Friday Freebies Roundup: Avengers Crafts

It has been awhile since I have done a Friday Freebies Roundup. I thought since the new Avengers Movie comes out today it would be fun to find some Avengers and Superhero themed projects to share. I have a husband and a couple of little boys who are pretty obsessed with superheroes and my girls like them quite a bit too so I could see my family having fun with all of these things.

I am going to share 9 different things that I found online, some crochet, some sewing, some painting and even a free printable game. There are a lot more ideas out there, these are just some that I thought looked fun and I tried to stick with projects that had the Avengers not just any superheroes. Some of them include other superheroes in addition to the Avengers but they at least have some of the Avengers. Click on the pictures or titles to get to the pattern or tutorial. 

1. Captain America Blanket/Playmat

I had to start with something Captain America because he is my favorite. I thought this crocheted blanket from Lion Brand Yarn looked cute and fun. The fact that it is made with bulky yarn would make it a quick project too. You do need to register to view this pattern but registration is free and so is the pattern. 

2. Pocket Thor

I thought this little Thor amigurumi was pretty cute. I have a couple of little girls who love Thor and I think they would really like this little version. There is a Loki pattern too so you can make a set. 

3. Thor's Hammer

Another Thor project I found is this Thor Hammer. It is made with pvc pipe and foam. 

4. Iron Man Gloves

I have to admit, I'm not a huge Iron Man fan but I thought these fingerless gloves were kind of cool. They are adult size and I would be more likely to make them for a child but depending on the age of the child it probably wouldn't take a lot of adjusting.

5. Avengers Bookmarks

I thought these bookmarks made from jumbo popsicle sticks would be fun for kids to help make. 

6. Superhero Peg Dolls

I think these little peg dolls are adorable. My son loves the little Imaginext figures and these kind of remind me of something like that. I could see him playing with them in the same way but you wouldn't be limited by the ones that are sold, you could make any character that you want. 

7. Superhero Masks

Cutesy Crafts shares the tutorial for these fun felt masks and includes templates for all of these superheroes in both child and adult sizes.

8. Superhero Costumes

These were originally made for birthday party guests but I think they would be great if you have a kid who likes to dress up. You can make them no-sew by using felt and glue. The mask pattern used was the superhero make link I posted above. 

9. Avengers Bingo

This last one is not exactly a craft, all you have to do is print it off and play, but I thought it would be fun so I wanted to include it.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup. There are a lot of fun superhero themed crafts and activities out there, these are just a few of all of them that I found.

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