5 Little Monsters: Easy Kid's Art Apron

Easy Kid's Art Apron

I mentioned in a previous post that I have had the opportunity recently to start working with Fairfield World. A couple of times a month I will be sharing projects on their website and last week I posted my first one. I thought I would share it here so that you can go check it out, along with all of the other great projects ideas they have there. I made these really simple art aprons for my kids. They are made with Oly-Fun Fabric which doesn't fray so I didn't need to hem or finish the edges. That made the aprons really fast and easy to make and they are great for summertime art projects.

I include measurements for 2 sizes, child and toddler, and Oly-Fun comes in a huge variety of colors so you have lots of colors to choose from. I let my girls choose colors for their aprons and they had a lot of fun picking colors. As soon as I finished sewing they wanted to put them on and start painting.

You can get the tutorial HERE.


  1. This looks awesome and definitely helps prevent messes and stains on clothes. Those aprons are adorable and such fun colors too. I love the material! Our parents will really love this while they are helping their kids this summer.