5 Little Monsters: Boxy Bear

Boxy Bear

Link to the Boxy Bear crochet pattern. This amigurumi animal is part of a series including a fox and an owl. All three are available as free patterns.

A couple of months ago I shared the Boxy Fox pattern on the Fairfield World site and then a couple of weeks ago I added the Boxy Owl. Now I am completing this little boxy buddy trio with the Boxy Bear. When I first made the fox I drew up designs for several different animals using that boxy shape. I decided on the fox first and thought I might make some more later. This month I decided to add a couple more. I decided that I would stick with kind of woodsy animals. All three of them are made in the same way, with a rectangular base and then crocheted around with the top flattened and sewn or crocheted closed. The differences between the animals are in the color changes and the arms/wings, legs/feet, ears and faces.

You can get the pattern for Boxy Bear on the Fairfield World Site HERE.

The Boxy Fox pattern is available HERE.

And Boxy Owl can be found HERE.