5 Little Monsters: Crocheted Santa Ornament

Crocheted Santa Ornament

Each month I share a couple of projects over on the Fairfield World site and I recently posted a new one. I figured since it is November it is time to start thinking about Christmas projects so that we all have time to get them made before Christmas actually gets here. No, I haven't forgotten about Thanksgiving, I made my turkey for Thanksgiving last month, but if I am not working on Christmas stuff by now there is no way it will be done in time. For this project I decided to make a crocheted Santa ornament.

He is only about 5 inches tall so he is small enough to hang on the tree and because he is just filled with stuffing he is pretty lightweight. The head and body are crocheted in one piece and then all of the other little details are made separately and sewn on. Because of the small size it is a pretty quick project. You can find the free pattern HERE.