5 Little Monsters: Easter Gift Idea for Friends and Neighbors

Easter Gift Idea for Friends and Neighbors

In the Easter Advent that we are doing with our kids the activity for today was to make treats and take them to someone. I knew that we wouldn't really have time to make treats tonight because it also happens to be my son's birthday and we would be spending some time this evening celebrating that. I also felt like I didn't just want to do some sort of sweet treats, but since the whole point of the activities is to help us remember the true meaning of Easter I wanted to include something more along those lines. I had printed of a scripture printable, John 3:16,  from Melissa Esplin to use for my own home so I thought why not print off a few more to give to other people.

We decided on some families that we wanted to take things to and my kids helped me put together some little treat bags full of Easter candy. I made some little gift tags to attach to the baggies and tied them closed with some baker's twine. Then I printed off some of the scriptures in the 5x7 size and put them in some frames I had picked up from the dollar store. We had a quick and easy, yet meaningful gift that we could take around to the families we had chosen. Then we loaded the kids up in the car and drove around the neighborhood with the kids taking turns delivering the treats. I think the kids really enjoyed being able to give the little gifts away at each house. It was a fun way to spend the evening as a family.

You can print off the scripture here:

John 3:16 Scripture Print

If you use this print in this way or any other way be sure to share it on social media with #Hallelujah.


  1. That's such a great way to use the print! I didn't think about passing it on to neighbors. Smart! Thanks for sharing.

  2. A cute Easter Gift Idea. I am very much impressed with this idea. This year we didn’t hosted Easter party at home and attended a fun party at a local event space. Truly, it was a great experience and everyone enjoyed to fullest.