5 Little Monsters: Glitter Arrows Baby Shirt

Glitter Arrows Baby Shirt

Almost two months ago I had the opportunity to attend Snap Conference, a conference for craft and DIY Bloggers held here in Salt Lake. I can't believe that it has already been that long ago. Anyway, while I was there one of the sponsors was Expressions Vinyl and they were giving out sample packs of vinyl for us to use. I was really excited to get it because just a couple of weeks before I had gotten a Cricut Explore Air so now I could make lots of cool vinyl projects. I opened up the pack and looked at the different colors and types of vinyl and had lots of ideas of how I could use it. I actually made something, a sign, shortly after Snap was finished using some of the vinyl that I was given and eventually I will get that project posted but I didn't love the pictures that I took of it so I need to retake them first. In the meantime I came up with a design for a baby shirt, although really you could put it on anything. Onesies are one of my favorite things to make because it is such a quick and easy project. In just a few minutes you can have a cute little onesie all ready to go. They are perfect to throw in with a baby gift. I have already made a few for my baby that is due in a couple of months and have more designs ready to go. This one however, is not for my little guy but will be used as a baby gift for a little girl. The glitter heat transfer vinyl is so fun for a girly touch, it adds some extra sparkle to the shirt and since I have mostly been working on baby boy projects it was king of fun to do something girly.

Like I mentioned before, I used my Cricut to make this shirt so I have a link to the cut file on Cricut Design Space that I will include in this post. I decided to do a design using arrows because I had some arrow fabric that I am going to use for another project and I thought this would look cute with it. I also designed another onesie to go along with it that I will make and share soon. 

How to Make Glitter Arrows Baby Shirt

You will need:


First you need to cut the design, open the cut file by clicking on the link in the supply list. The design should measure about 4 inches across. 

Cut the vinyl, don't forget to place it glittery side down on your mat and mirror your image before you cut. 

It is really hard to see the cut design on the glitter HTV so it is kind of fun when you start to peel away the extra from around the edges and see the design start to appear. I did kind of mess up on mine and didn't weed it all the way but I didn't realize it until after it was ironed on to my shirt. One of the arrows, the one on the top, has some pieces cut out that I forgot to remove. 

Once you have removed the excess vinyl you can play around with the placement of your design. I placed mine horizontally on the shirt but you could also to it vertically or flip it around so the bottom arrow is on top. Whatever you think looks the best.

Once you have your placement figured out all you need to do is iron it on. I like to use a pressing cloth with mine just to make sure I don't get anything on it and I just feel better for some reason having something in between my iron and the plastic sheet. 

After you iron it on, peel away the plastic sheet on the top and your little Glitter Arrows Baby Shirt is done.

Seriously, these are so quick and easy to make and you can personalize them in any way you want. Change things up, make it a different color, add a name or phase, whatever you want. And if you make it with something other than glitter vinyl it would work well for a little boy too. Maybe you aren't in need of a baby onesie but you could cut out the arrow design and put it on anything you want.

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