5 Little Monsters: Crocheted Olympic Torch

Crocheted Olympic Torch

I thought that with the Olympics coming up next month it would be kind of fun to do an Olympic themed project. I thought about what the most iconic symbols of the Olympics are, the rings, the torch, the medals, and ended up deciding to make a torch. I remember when the Winter Olympics were held in Salt Lake it was a pretty big deal when the torch came through town, everyone went down to watch it pass by. It was pretty cool. I thought it would be fun to make a torch that could either be used as a decoration for an Olympic's party or just for the kids to play with. It turned out that after I made it my son got really attached to it and carried it around all weekend playing with it. Granted, he spent more time pretending it was a rocket than a torch but I guess the fact that he had fun with it is all that really matters.

I decided to make it sort of a generic looking torch rather than specific to these Olympics. I thought that way it could be used for more than just this year. I decided to go with a gray base because it seemed like they were usually metal colored, silver or gold or something like that, and I thought a gray/silver color would contrast better with the fire than a gold, especially since for "gold" yarn I probably would have just used a dark golden yellow color.

I just used yarn that I had in my stash, leftover from other projects. When I am making projects like this, amigurumi type stuffed toys, I prefer to use a heavier medium weight yarn like Red Heart Super Saver or something similar. They usually come in lots of colors so you can find whatever color you are looking for and they are a little stiffer than some other yarns so they hold their shape well. I used Super Saver for the colors of the flame and the gray that I used Big Twist Value yarn from JoAnn.

You can get the free pattern for a Crocheted Olympic Torch on Fairfield World.

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