5 Little Monsters: Classic Granny Square Christmas Pillow

Classic Granny Square Christmas Pillow

I have been working on some Christmas projects over the last couple of weeks including some Christmas pillows. I have posted the patterns for a couple of them on the Fairfield World website and now I am finally getting around to posting about them here with links to the patterns. The first one I originally posted a couple of weeks ago. It is a classic granny square done in Christmas colors but if you aren't looking for a Christmas pillow this one would work great in any color.

The pillow cover is made by making a large granny square, big enough for the pillow insert to fit diagonally inside. Then the 4 corners are folded to the center and stitched together to enclose the insert. I like to put my pillow so that the plain granny square side is facing out but you can use either side as the front. The other side has a x in the middle with the 4 corners meeting in the very center. I guess it is kind of reversible, choose which side you like the best and use that as the front.

You can find the pattern for the Classic Granny Square Christmas Pillow on the Fairfield World website. 

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