5 Little Monsters: Free Printable Repentance Quote #PrinceOfPeace

Free Printable Repentance Quote #PrinceOfPeace

Repentance is the fourth principle in the #PrinceOfPeace Easter campaign on mormon.org. This one was a little bit harder to find a quote that I really liked and the quote I chose might seem a little strange but let me tell you why I chose it. As I was looking for quotes I really wanted to find quotes that would be inspirational and encouraging. Quotes that people may want to put up somewhere as little reminders to encourage them throughout the day. So when it came to repentance I really didn't want something that screamed REPENT! I mean, I know we all need to repent, obviously that is why this is one of the principles, I just felt like for me I would rather have slightly more gentle reminder.

This quote by Elder Holland is one of my favorites, I think it can apply to so many situations some that may require us to repent, even just for small things, and some that may just be difficult or frustrating life experiences that we are going through that we need a little extra encouragement to get through. I think sometimes when we make mistakes it feels like it would be easy to give up, especially when we make the same mistakes over and over. Sometimes we just need a little push to not give up, to keep trying, keep believing, and keep growing, like this quote says. I love that he says that heaven is cheering us on, that there are people, including our loving Father in Heaven who want to see us succeed and be happy. So maybe it isn't exactly a quote about repentance but I feel like it is a quote that encourages me to try to do better, to not give up and to keep trying no matter how many times I fall.

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  1. I love your quotes! This post doesn't contain a link for the 5 x 7. Are you going to create one?

    1. I am sorry, I totally forgot to put the links in. I just went in and added them.