5 Little Monsters: Girl's Night Popcorn Party

Girl's Night Popcorn Party

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My kids just started school this week so this past weekend we decided to have a girl's movie night, although we ended up letting the boys join in too since they were a little jealous of our movie night treats. The girls still got to choose the movie even though we let the boys join us.

My oldest daughter has always loved horses so any time there is movie, book, or story of any kind that is about horses she loves it. One of her newest faves is the "Spirit Riding Free" series on Netflix. It just came out with a new season on August 17th, season 6, so we watched a few episodes of that for our girl's night. It is a fun show about a young girl named Lucky, her wild horse Spirit, and her 2 best friends and their horses. My girls like it enough that Spirit is their profile picture on Netflix. The Dreamworks website even has some fun printable activities, like a bingo game you can play while you watch.

For treats we had a "make your own popcorn snack mix". Since my girls love being crafty, they always want to help me make projects, I decided it would be fun to let them start off by decorating the container they were going to put their popcorn in. I found some horse themed stickers and some washi tape in fun bright colors. I ended up just getting some plain paper party cups in a couple of colors and we used those to put their popcorn in. They had a fun time decorating them for their popcorn mix. 

I picked up a box of Pop Secret popcorn at Walmart along with some other things to add to our snack mixes. Pop Secret popcorn is such a fun and delicious snack with a great buttery taste that is perfect for sharing with your family. To make it extra special I gave the girls lots of options of sweet treats to mix in with their popcorn. 

They loved picking what they wanted in their popcorn. Each came up with their own combo, some adding a little bit of everything and others carefully choosing specific combinations. You could choose to use any candies and mix in's that you want but I chose to go with a a couple types of M&M's, caramel candies, peanut butter cups, marshmallows, and peanuts.

We popped a big bowl of popcorn, surrounded it with small bowls filled with the candies, and then I let the girls go around the table filling their cups with their popcorn and candy snack mix. Then we headed in to watch our movie.

The girls had a blast having decorating their popcorn cups, making their popcorn mixes, and watching something together. If your kids enjoy Spirit Riding Free as much as mine be sure to check out all of the free printable activities on the Dreamworks site

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