5 Little Monsters: Kiss the Cook Apron with Cricut Iron On Design

Kiss the Cook Apron with Cricut Iron On Design

About a month ago I was lucky enough to spend a few days participating in the Cricut Mountain Make-A-Thon. I was there as one of the teachers, I taught a beginning iron on class where we talked about using different types of iron on and slicing vs. layering when using multiple colors and/or types of iron on. I am hoping to get a video and post up covering some of the things I taught in my class really soon.

While there I also attended a couple of other classes, and made some fun projects. My favorite was a cute little mermaid doll taught by Kim from Sweet Red Poppy.

They also announced the release of the new EasyPress 2 in 3 different sizes. They had sample projects for everyone to try in each of the 3 sizes. They had a room full of EasyPresses so that everyone could make the projects while they were there, but even though I spent time helping out in the EasyPress room, I didn't actually make my projects.

One of the projects, the one that was meant to be make with the new large 12"x 10" EasyPress was an apron with an iron on design that said "Kiss the Cook". There ended up being 2 different brands of aprons, one that was a larger adult size apron, and one that was a lot smaller and seemed more like a child size. I saw people make both and the design worked but it was a tight fit on the smaller apron, which ended up being the one that I got. I decided to change mine up a bit and thought I would share how I took the pre-made iron on design and turned it into something a little different that worked better for the size of my apron.

I cut up the pieces of the design, separating the words and each of the little pots, pans, and cooking utensils. Then I rearranged them and laid them out where I wanted them to be.

I added the words at the top, on the chest part of the apron, as well as a row of pots along the top edge. I added a border of pots, pans, and utensils along the bottom edge.

Once I decided on the placement I carefully pressed the pieces a few at a time, making sure that none overlapped.

The finished apron turned out pretty cute and it was a fun way to use the pre-made iron on designs in a different way.

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