5 Little Monsters: Gamer Girl Shirt

Gamer Girl Shirt

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It seems like most video game themed things are made with boys in mind. My boys love playing video games, probably more than anyone else in our house, but a couple of my girls enjoy them too. One of my girls in particular loves playing with her brothers, or by herself. We have a couple of games that are easy, little kid friendly games that she enjoys. Of course I say that knowing that when the kids talk me into playing MarioKart with them I am completely lost, and have no idea how to do anything besides run into walls over and over, so I guess in our house they are little kid friendly but not so mom friendly.

Truthfully, video games have never really been my thing. I didn't grow up with gaming systems in our house and I am not good at anything beyond LEGO game level, and even that is only if I don't have to jump across or onto anything. But my kids enjoy them and I am fine with them playing as long as the games are appropriate and it doesn't become the only thing they ever want to do.

Anyway, when I noticed how much my daughter enjoys playing I thought it might be fun to make her a girly video game themed shirt. Enter the Gamer Girl T-shirt. She was super excited about it and I thought I would share it here in case any of you have little gamer girls who would like to make a shirt for.

How to Make a Gamer Girl T-Shirt

You will need:


First, open the Design Space Canvas. I have 2 options available, one with a background layer and one without. Choose the one you want and resize if needed. 

Cut out of iron on, don't forget to mirror.  Weed.

Place the design on the t-shirt one color at a time and press in place (following these settings). If you are doing the layered option like I did you will need to make sure you do the black background layer first.

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