5 Little Monsters: ASL I Love You Mickey Shirt- Take Two

ASL I Love You Mickey Shirt- Take Two

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When I was designing our t-shirts for Disneyland I created a bunch of different designs, then I had to pick which ones I was actually going to use. I asked opinions from others to help me choose but there were a few designs I had a hard time choosing between.

That was the case with a couple of ASL I Love You Mickey designs. I shared the one that I made for my daughter a week or two ago. That one had a Mickey head with an I Love You handshape cut out of the Mickey. I also made sort of the opposite design with the I Love You hand being the bigger image with a small Mickey cut out of it.

I liked both so I decided to make one for Lucy and make the other for myself. I chose the hand for my design because I was a little nervous that the Mickey head can be a little tricky, placement wise, on a women's shirt and I didn't want to mess with that.

Just like the other I Love You Mickey design, this one was a very easy cut and weed, just one color with no little pieces. Super quick and easy to make.

How to Make the ASL I Love You Mickey Design- Number 2

You will need:


Resize as needed to fit your shirt. 

Cut your design out of iron on, do not forget to mirror, and weed.

Press onto your shirt using the temperature and time recommendations on the Heat Guide.

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