5 Little Monsters: Stenciled Journals Kid Craft

Stenciled Journals Kid Craft

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My kids love to paint, they are constantly asking me if they can paint something. Sometimes it drives me crazy because  it usually means getting into my stuff, my paints and blanks that I have for specific projects, and making a big mess. But I also love seeing their creativity and the things that they make when I just let them create. 

Several months ago I ordered some little blank books from Oriental Trading with the intention of making autograph books for our kids to take to Disneyland, but unfortunately I had so many projects I wanted to make before we left that I didn't end up getting them all done. And this was one of the projects that didn't make it. 

As a result I had a dozen blank books that were just sitting in my craft supplies and when my girls found them and asked if they could use them to paint I figured, why not? I didn't have any other plans for them. 

This was a project that was completely their idea but I thought they turned out pretty cute so we made some more to share here. While digging through my craft supplies they also came across some stencils, unicorn stencils to be exact, so they used the stencils to paint designs on the little books. My 7 year old was so excited to have her own diary (or "Maren's dairy" as she wrote it) that she decorated herself. 

The stencils we used were adhesive backed which made them great for the kids to use. They were just sticky enough to stay in place while they painted but then they peeled right off and were ready to use on the next one. 

So if you have little kids that love to paint things as much as I do this was a fun and easy way for them to get creative. 

How to Make Stenciled Journals

You will need:


If you want the base of your journal to be a different color start by painting it the color you want and let dry.

Place the stencil where you want it, if you use the adhesive stencils they will stick and stay in place. 

Paint over the stencil with the desired colors and let dry. 

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