5 Little Monsters: Easter Egg Painted Rocks

Easter Egg Painted Rocks

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My oldest daughter had a Zoom activity a couple of weeks ago with her church youth group where they were painting rocks. They used paint pens to make their rocks, rather than paints and a paintbrush that I normally use. 

I didn't have any paint pens for her to use so I ordered a set on Amazon. I also bought a bag of rocks, which honestly seemed kind of ridiculous to me, in the past I have always just gone outside to find some. But it was really nice and easy to have a bag full of clean, smooth, ready to paint rocks right there ready to go. 

I figured that since I had all of the supplies I would make some painted rocks too. With Easter just around the corner I thought it would be fun to turn some of the rocks into Easter eggs. I picked out the most oval and egg shaped rocks before I gave the rest of them to my girls to paint. 

I had a fun time just sitting and painting the rocks with different designs by myself, but this would be a fun activity for kids too, or for a group activity. My girls had a very fun time painting their rocks and the paint pens were a lot easier and less messy then when we have used paints and paintbrushes to paint rocks. 

How to Make Easter Egg Painted Rocks

You will need:


Use the paint pens to draw designs on the rocks. Follow the directions on your paint pens. You will probably need to shake them and press the tips down to get the paint flowing. I just painted on one color at a time, then set it aside to dry while I started on the next rock. By the time I had done a little on each rock the first one was dry and ready for the next color. 

I did it 2 different ways and both of them worked fine. For the white egg I drew the egg shape and filled the whole thing in with white. Then I added the colored lines, dots, and squiggles. For the rest I did it in sections, just a top section in pink, then a stripe of blue, etc. Then when I had all of the stripes or sections of color I added the details like thinner lines and dots. Either way worked, I think the base color works best if you are using a lighter color, or if you are adding smaller details rather than large sections of color. 

I just made up the designs as I went along, a combination of stripes, dots, zigzags, etc. It was fun to see them come together as I added each new color.

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