5 Little Monsters: Chalkboard Valentine Sign- Dollar Store Craft

Chalkboard Valentine Sign- Dollar Store Craft

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Dollar store crafts are a great way to add to your holiday decor without spending a lot of money. Their craft section has actually grown a lot over the last couple of years and you can get quite a variety of craft supplies there, as well as other items that may not be "craft supplies" but can be used in projects. 

For this project I bought a little stand up chalkboard that I thought would make a cute Valentine's Day decoration. You could easily do the same thing for any holiday or season. 

I added a little paint and vinyl that I already had at home and I had a super quick and easy, and very inexpensive project. 

How to Make a Chalkboard Valentine Sign

You will need:


Paint the frame and stand of the chalkboard, being careful not to get paint on the chalkboard. Set it aside to dry while you cut out your design. 

Decide on the design you want to use. I chose a design from Cricut Design Space (Valentine Words #MA564060) I sized it to fit my chalkboard. 

When I need to resize an image for a project I like to add a shape to represent the blank and then add the design to it to see how big I want it to be. For this I added a black rectangle 4"x5" and then sized the design to fit on that rectangle. 

Once your image is ready, cut it out of vinyl and weed. 

Use transfer tape to put the design onto the chalkboard. 

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