5 Little Monsters: Spring Scarf: Free Crochet Pattern

Spring Scarf: Free Crochet Pattern

Spring will officially be here in just a couple of days and the weather is starting to warm up. I probably won't be posting any more scarf patterns for a while but this scarf is a little more lightweight, crocheted with a stitch that is open and airy so I thought it would still work for springtime. 

It is worked in the round and I made it long enough that it could be worn long or doubled up. The inspiration for the design came from a stitch pattern that I found online several months ago, I believe it was Japanese. After seeing it I scribbled some ideas down in my notebook and then made this scarf. I did not however, think to write down where I found the stitch and now I can not find it. If I find it again I will update this post with a link to the stitch. 

The yarn I used is some that my mom had given me several skeins of a few years ago. I think if I remember correctly it was from the Target dollar section and she got a bunch after they marked them down really cheap. That year I got a box full of yarn for my birthday. It is a sport weight yarn in a light, buttery yellow color. I made it several months ago but I thought the color and pattern both looked too springy so I waited to post it. 

Spring Scarf

Finished size approx. 51 inches around and 7 inches wide

You will need:

Sport weight yarn
H crochet hook

Begin by ch 184 (to make your scarf longer add a multiple of 4, to make it shorter subtract a multiple of 4), join to the first ch to make a circle 

Round 1: ch 1, sc in each ch, slip stitch to first sc (184 sc)

Round 2: ch 1, sc in first stitch, [ch 5, skip 3, sc in next stitch] repeat around, when you make the last ch 5 join with a slip stitch to the first sc (46 ch 5 loops)

Round 3: slip stitch twice into the first ch loop (to get you closer to the center of the loop) ch 1, sc in center of ch 5 loop, ch 5, sc in center of ch 5 loop, repeat around and join last ch 5 to first sc with slip stitch (46 ch 5 loops)

Round 4: slip stitch twice in first loop to get to the center, ch 1, sc in center of loop, ch 3, sc in center of next ch 5 loop, ch 3, repeat around joining last ch 3 to first sc with slip stitch (46 ch 3 spaces)

Round 5: slip stitch into ch 3 space, ch 3, 3 dc in same ch space, 4 dc in each ch space around, slip stitch to top of first ch 3 (46 4 dc groups)

Round 6: slip stitch to the end of the first 4 dc, working between the groups of 4 dc, ch 1 sc between last dc of the first group and the first dc of the next group, ch 5, sc between next sets of 4 dc, repeat around joining last ch 5 to first sc with slip stitch (46 ch 5 loops)

Repeat rounds 3-6 two more times, then repeat rounds 3-4 once more, 

Last round: ch 1, sc in each stitch around, slip stitch to first sc, finish off weave in ends (184 sc)

It would probably be a good idea to block your scarf to open up the pattern a little more. I am never very successful with blocking, I don't know if it is the yarn or the way I am trying to do it, but whatever it is it never seems to work. That is one area of crocheting that I definitely need to improve.

I hope you enjoy this light, springy scarf.

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