5 Little Monsters: Cookie Box Snowmen

Cookie Box Snowmen

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cookie box snowmen

Today I am going to share a Christmas gift idea that is cute and really easy to make. It is perfect for stocking stuffers or neighbor gifts or any other time you need a small gift. I will probably be saving the ones that I made for my husband's family Christmas party where every year we put together Christmas bags for the kids. We have pillowcase type bags for each of the kids and we bring a bunch of small little gifts and treats, dollar store type stuff, and I thought these would be great for that. I made them using small boxes of Nabisco cookies, there are a few different types to choose from, I got OREO, Double Stuf OREO, and Nutter Butter cookies. They also have Chips Ahoy! cookies and RITZ Crackers in the same small boxes. I got them at Walmart, they were right by the checkout so they were really easy to find. I think the store I went to was out of Chips Ahoy!, at least I didn't see any, and I wanted cookies instead of crackers so I didn't get the RITZ but any of the boxes should work. There are some variation in the sizes of the boxes but not a lot and it is easy to work around. 

cookies at walmart

The cookie boxes are pretty inexpensive and they are small enough to fit in a stocking or if you just need a small gift for someone. Dressing the boxes up as snowmen is really easy and makes them a little more fun to give as gifts. It is not much more difficult than simply wrapping the box, there is a small amount of sewing involved,  one 6 inch long seam on the hat, but if you don't have access to a sewing machine an easy no sew alternative would be to cut off part of a sock to use for the hat. I used glitter scrapbook paper to wrap the boxes. The scrapbook paper was a little heavier than regular paper and the 12"x12" size gave me plenty of room to work with. The glitter is hard to see in the pictures but I think it looks really pretty in real life, it is perfect for snowmen because it reminds me of the way snow looks when the sun is out and it has that sparkly, glittery look.

snowmen from cookie boxes

How to Make Cookie Box Snowmen

The first thing you will need to do is gather a few supplies.

supplies for cookie box snowmen

You will need:

  • Cookie Boxes (small boxes of OREO, Double Stuf OREO, Chips Ahoy, Nutter Butter, or RITZ)
  • a 12"x12" piece of white scrapbook paper for each snowman (I used glitter paper)
  • scraps of fleece in 2 colors
  • small piece of crochet thread (or any other strong thread, baker's twine would also work well)
  • assorted buttons (about 1/2"-3/4" size)
  • double sided tape or glue dots (I found that glue dots stuck better to the glitter paper)
  • black and orange permanent markers


Cut the paper to the size needed to wrap your boxes. This will vary a little depending on which kind of cookie box you are wrapping. The Nutter Butter box was wider than the OREO box so I had to cut the paper a little bigger. You will wrap it just like a present so cut enough to wrap around each side of the box with a little extra to overlap and a couple inches longer than the box so you can fold in the ends.

Wrap the box using the double sided tape or glue dots to secure. I found it helpful to press around the corners with my fingers to crease the paper to help it lay flatter. 

wrapping the cookie snowman

Next cut your fleece into 1- 6"x9" piece if you are using OREO boxes, 6"x10" if using Nutter Butter box. This will be your hat. Cut one strip 1" wide and about 15" long for the scarf. 

fleece for cookie box snowman

Fold the hat piece in half so that the short ends match up and sew a 1/4" seam. Then on one side of the tubecut several times about 1 1/2" from the top to create the pom pom part on top of the hat. Tie tightly with thread or twine around the hat at the bottom of the cut section. Fold up the bottom a little to create the brim and pull the hat over the top of your box. Leaving enough room below the hat to draw the face, tie the scarf around the box. 

drawing snowman face

Draw the face on with black and orange permanent markers. Glue 2 buttons on the front of the snowman below the scarf. 

Like I said, super easy. Now they are ready to give as gifts. 

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