5 Little Monsters: Toy Soldier Christmas Ornament

Toy Soldier Christmas Ornament

 Last week I posted another ornament pattern on Fairfield World's site. I am finally getting around to sharing the link here on my blog. I wanted to make a set of matching ornaments that would all be similar in size and shape but at the same time be all different. I used the same basic body shape for all 4 of these ornaments, using different colors, sometimes changing colors, to make the bodies. Then I added different hats, scarves, belts and other accessories to make the different characters. The newest ornament that I just added to the collection is a little toy soldier.

He joins the Santa and Penguin ornaments that can also be found on the Fairfield World site, as well as the Snowman that can be found here on my blog.

For the soldier I used blue yarn for the bottom half of the body, then switched to red for the shirt, then tan for the head. I made a tall black hat and added some white decorations to the uniform. I don't love the way the face turned out and if I was going to do it over again I probably would have either used embroidery floss instead of yarn to make it a little smaller and/or not made a smile but maybe just a straight line for a mouth. I added a little bit of embroidery to the top of the hat just as a little decoration.

You can find the toy soldier ornament pattern HERE.