5 Little Monsters: Black, White and Gold Valentine Pillow

Black, White and Gold Valentine Pillow

I know, another Valentine pillow. Three in a row is probably a little much but I promise this is the last one. The last two I made for a couple of my girls, this time I was trying to go for a little bit more of a grown up look. Something I could put out on my couch or somewhere like that. It will still most likely end up on one of the girls beds because that is what seems to always happen but, oh well. I guess that at least means that they like the stuff I make.

This pillow was inspired by one that I saw, I think on Instagram but it may have been Facebook, whichever it was I was scrolling through and saw a picture of a black and white striped pillow with a heart on it. In that one the heart was either red or pink, I don't remember which. Obviously I didn't pay very close attention, either that or my memory just stinks. But anyway, I saw it and thought that would be pretty easy to recreate. A few days later I decided to try. I didn't have any fabric that had wide black and white stripes but I did have some solid black and some solid white. I pulled those out, cut some strips, and pieced them together. I happened to have some glittery gold heat transfer vinyl on hand that I thought would work perfectly. I cut out a heart and ironed it onto my pillow front. Then I just sewed the rest of the pillow together. It was actually a really easy project. The piecing part was really simple because it was just strips and the heart was just ironed on. 


  1. Oh so cute! I have some black and white striped fabrics...I'm going to make one!

  2. I just ran across this on Pinterest. I bought glittery gold iron on fabric for another project and never used it. I am SO making this!