5 Little Monsters: Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Shirt

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Shirt

This project was super quick and easy so even though Valentine's Day is only a few days away, and school parties are even sooner, there is still time to make one. My oldest daughter has been asking me to make her a Valentines outfit for a while. As we were getting ready to leave for church last Sunday she was insisting that she needed a Valentine skirt to wear. She didn't get one, but I made this shirt for her instead. I used a little bit of gold heat transfer vinyl that I already had and I bought a $3 pink shirt from Walmart so in addition to only taking a few minutes to make it was also really inexpensive. I played around with a few different designs but ended up deciding that just one big heart was going to be the easiest and look the best. I don't have a cutting machine, if you do it would probably be just as easy to do a more complicated design, but since I was just cutting it by hand I wanted to keep it simple. My middle daughter saw it and insisted that she needed a heart shirt too, so I ended up running back to Walmart to get another $3 pink shirt in her size. I still need to make that one but since it only takes a few minutes to make I know I can get it done before Thursday when she has her school party.

All you need to make this shirt is a t-shirt, some heat transfer vinyl, some scissors (or a cutting machine), and an iron. That's it. From the vinyl cut out the shape you want to put on your shirt, in this case a simple heart. To iron it onto your shirt simply place the vinyl on the shirt with the shiny plastic side up, cover it with a piece of fabric and press until it is adhered well. Let cool for a couple of minutes, then peel of the plastic from the top. Like I said, super simple. Great for if your kid decides at the last minute that they need a special shirt for Valentine's Day.


  1. I've never used vinyl for a project before. Where can you find the heat transfer vinyl?

    1. I don't use vinyl often because I don't have a cutting machine but this vinyl came from Expressions Vinyl. You can find them online and they have tons of different types and colors. They were sponsors at Snap last year and they actually gave rolls of vinyl away at their booth and this was left from that.