5 Little Monsters: Crocheted Pumpkin with Bulky Yarn

Crocheted Pumpkin with Bulky Yarn

One of my very first patterns on my blog was a little crocheted pumpkin pattern. I made it in 2 different sizes but niether one was very big. The biggest reason for the small size was the fact that to give the pumpkin the bumps I stitched through the center with yarn on a yarn needle. Because of that I was limited to the height of the yarn needle. Since then I discovered long needles, the ones I used for this project were upholstery needles, and realized that by using them I would be able to make a much larger pumpkin. My small pumpkins have been pretty popular so I was excited to try a larger size.

My original thought was to make this pumpkin the same way I had made the smaller versions, with the same kind of yarn and hook. As I thought about that I realized that to make a much larger pumpkin with worsted weight yarn would take a while and although it would have been totally doable I decided I like quick projects. I decided instead to use a bulky yarn to make my pumpkin to make it go a little quicker. The finished pumpkin is about 7" tall and 11" wide. If you would like to make it larger or smaller it is really easy to adjust the size by continuing to increase to make it wider or continue the straight rows to make it taller.

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  1. Have been seeing lots of crochet pumpkins, but love the larger look with bulky yarn. Thanks for sharing!