5 Little Monsters: Sedge Stitch Stocking

Sedge Stitch Stocking

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I love to try out new crochet stitches but I have also found that I have some favorites that I always come back to. One of those is the sedge stitch. I love the texture of it and although I think that the only thing I have shared on my blog, before today, that uses that stitch is a dishcloth pattern, I have used it for other projects too and I always love the look of it. I will have to share some of the other projects I have made with that stitch soon.

Today I am sharing a project that I made for Darice and the pattern is available on their blog. I wanted to crochet a stocking but I wanted a stitch that would make it more interesting than just a basic single or double crochet. I decided to use the sedge stitch for the main part of the stocking and single and double crochet for the toe, heel, and cuff.

You can find the free stocking pattern on the Darice blog, Live. Craft. Love.

If you need help with the heel portion it is made the same way as the heel on my advent calendar stockings, just with different stitch counts. I made a video to help explain how to do them and it may help with this stocking as well.

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