5 Little Monsters: Bunny Treat Pots

Bunny Treat Pots

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Today I am participating in another round of Craft Lighting, this time with the theme of clay pots. This was an interesting challenge because clay pots are not something I have used a lot. I finally decided to go the Easter route with my project and these little treat filled bunnies were the result.

The point of craft lightning is to make a quick project that takes 15 minutes or less, excluding drying time. This project definitely fits those requirements. All you need is a small pot, some paint, felt, hot glue, and a few minutes to make some cute little bunnies.

I filled some baggies with candy and put them in the finished pot to make a fun little Easter treat.

How To Make Bunny Treat Pots

You will need:


First use the foam paintbrush to paint the outside of the pot as well as a little bit inside the top edge.

While that dries cut two ears out of felt that matches the painted pot, cut another set of ears slightly smaller than the first set in a contrasting color. 

Glue the smaller set of ears on top of the larger ears.

Use the black (or dark gray) paint and the round brush to paint a face on the pot, two round dots for eyes, triangle shape for the nose, and a mouth. 

Glue the ears inside the back edge of the pot.

Fill a bag with candy, I used a treat bag for the bigger size and a sandwich baggie for the smaller size. I filled them with enough candy to fill the pot, then used a twist tie to close the bag and cut the excess off the top of the bag. Put the bag filled with candy in the pot. 

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