5 Little Monsters: Paper Gift Box with Tissue Paper Flower

Paper Gift Box with Tissue Paper Flower

It is once again time for the Create with Cricut Challenge and this month we were challenged to make something with tissue paper. I have to admit I was a little nervous about this one. I had not yet tried cutting tissue paper with my Cricut and even though I had been told it could do it I was a little hesitant to believe it. Tissue paper is just so thin and delicate. I imagined it sticking to the mat and not coming off, or tearing really bad. I was happy to find that none of those things happened. Instead it cut perfectly without any problems.

I decided to make a tissue paper flower, but I wanted to do something with the flower so I decided to add it to the top of a gift box. I thought it would be perfect for a small Mother's Day gift, filled with little treats or something. Or any other gift you want, but the flower on the top and gold foil paper I chose to use give it a very feminine style and with Mother's Day only a few weeks away I thought it would be perfect.

I used the fabric grip (pink) mat and the rotary cutter to cut my tissue. I also found that it was very helpful to use the spatula to remove the cut pieces from the mat. Those are the only real tips I have but it worked great for me.

How to Make a Paper Gift Box with Tissue Paper Flower 

Finished size just under 4" x 4"

You will need:

  • Cricut Maker with rotary blade and fine point blade
  • fabric grip mat
  • standard grip mat
  • scoring tool
  • tissue paper (I used one sheet each of 2 colors)
  • foil embossed paper
  • glue runner
  • stapler
  • Design Space file


Open the design space file and cut and score the box and lid from foil embossed paper on the standard grip mat.

To cut the flowers first cut the tissue paper down to fit on the mat, it only needs to fit across the mat, excess can hang off the bottom of the mat. I cut my tissue in half long ways which gave me a piece about 10" across. Carefully lay the tissue on the mat, I tried to get it relatively flat but if there were a few wrinkles I didn't worry.

Cut 4 flowers from that sheet and then repeat that 3 more times, 2 times each with each color. You should have a total of 16 flowers, 8 of each color. 

Stack all of the flowers, alternating colors.

Fold the stack of flowers in half and staple close to the bottom of the stack in the center. 

Flatten the flowers again and starting with the top layer pinch the flowers up to open them and stand them up. Repeat all the way to the bottom layer.

Assemble the box and lid by folding on score lines and gluing the flaps. 

Glue the tissue paper flower to the top of the lid.

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