5 Little Monsters: Superhero Day Masks

Superhero Day Masks

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Did you know that April 28th was National Superhero Day? I had no idea until LEGO contacted me asking if I wanted a Superhero LEGO set to celebrate. Of course I said yes. Superheroes are a pretty big deal in our house so I felt like I needed to do something for Superhero Day.

They sent a cute little Mighty Micros set that included Batman and Harley Quinn. We had actually been looking at them a few weeks ago at the LEGO store so it was fun to get one. The kids were really excited, the hardest part is that my 1 1/2 year old loves superheroes, especially Batman, so he thought the set should be for him even though he is a little too young for LEGO sets. 

I thought the kids needed some fun costumes to go along with superhero day and their new LEGO set. I thought about making capes but I have shared a reversible cape pattern in the past and wanted to do something a little different, and maybe a little quicker. I decided on felt masks.

I wanted to make something that was a not a specific superhero, like Superman or Batman, but more just something that they could dress up in to be their own superhero. I made 3 different styles and cut them out with my Cricut Maker. 

How To Make Felt Superhero Masks

You will need:


Cut the masks out of felt using the file linked above, use the fabric grip mat and rotary blade. 

Cut lengths of elastic long enough to reach around childs head to temples/edge of mask. I used a package of Dritz fold over elastic and 1- 1 yard package did all three masks with none left over, so I cut mine about 12 inches long.

Stitch the elastic to the sides of the mask.

Add any embellishments you want with hot glue.

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  1. Great idea. My grandsons will love this.