5 Little Monsters: Be Kind Circle T-Shirt

Be Kind Circle T-Shirt

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I have been sharing my "be kind" designs each week for a couple of weeks now and I missed last week. Just about everyone in my family got really sick and it was one of those times that I just had to step away from the blog to focus on my family. As a result I wasn't able to get last week's post up, but I am getting back on track this week.

This week's design is similar to last week's. I made the design I shared last week first and then, when my husband saw it he asked if I good make a similar design to put on a shirt for him. I felt like the font choices in the other design made it more feminine so for this design I chose blockier fonts.

Just like the last design I put the words inside of a circle with some of the letters touching the circle.

I have used this design to make a t-shirt for my husband, a sweatshirt for him, a onesie, and a vinyl sticker that we put on a computer. There are lots of ways you can use this design and it is a great reminder to "Be Kind".

Get the Cricut Design Space File HERE

Resize as needed and cut out of iron on or vinyl.


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