5 Little Monsters: Mini Heart Tote Bags- Mixing Different Types of Iron On

Mini Heart Tote Bags- Mixing Different Types of Iron On

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Last week I wrote a post all about the Cricut EasyPress 2 and all of the different kinds of iron on you can get, when, and how to use them. Today I am sharing a quick project made with several different types of iron on.

 As I mentioned before, my favorite part of iron on projects is how quick they are. Another thing that I really enjoy is playing with the different colors and types of iron on. I have always loved putting together different colors, that is one of the things I really enjoy about quilting, and when working with iron on I get to play around with different colors as well as mixing and matching the different finishes. The matte look of Everyday Iron On, or subtle shine of the metallic options, sparkly glitter or holographic, pretty patterns, or shiny foil.

I made 2 different designs, one a heart design made with 4 types of iron on. The other a knockout design, a design where an image or text is sliced out of another. That design uses 2 types of iron on.

Here are a few of my tips when working on a project that uses multiple types of iron on:

  • When cutting a design with different types of iron on be sure to select the correct type when cutting, this is especially important with glitter because it is so much thicker.
  • When pressing each type use the right temperature and time for the iron on you are using.
  • I am not layering in these projects, but if you layer make sure you use Everyday as your base layer, you can layer others on top of that but you can not layer anything on top of glitter, foil, holographic, or patterned. 
  • When layering start with the base layer and then work up.
  • In a project like these where you are not layering on top of one another, but are placing the different colors/types next to each other I like to place then in one of two ways
    • Starting with the largest piece and fitting the other pieces into that one (ex. in the love design I would put the word down first, then fit the heart in place) or start with the piece that will help you best align your design.
    • If you are using iron on that requires different pressing temperatures I often start with the one that requires the highest temperature (glitter is typically a higher temperature than most, foil is often the lowest).
  • As you are pressing make sure all of the iron on is always covered with a protective sheet. For example, when you press the second layer make sure the iron on from the first layer is completely covered. You can use the clear plastic from the pieces you have already pressed, an iron on protective sheet, or a pressing cloth.

How to Make Mini Heart Tote Bags

You will need:


Open the design in design space (Triangle Heart Design HERE) (Love Knockout Design HERE)

Cut the designs out of iron on. Make sure you mirror your images and cut on the correct settings. 

Press one layer at a time until all of the layers are on the bag. Make sure all of the iron on is covered with each press, use a protective sheet or pressing cloth if needed, I usually just use the plastic from the other layers. Find the correct temperatures and times on this interactive chart.

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