5 Little Monsters: Best Mom Ever Tumbler

Best Mom Ever Tumbler

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With Mother's Day just a couple of weeks away I wanted to share a couple of quick gift ideas that you could make for moms and grandmas. This one is super quick and easy to make and can easily be customized for the person you are making it for.

Last year I made a couple of cups similar to this to give as gifts on Mother's Day. I used stainless steel cups that I bought at Walmart and added vinyl to them. This year I picked up a clear plastic straw cup at Michaels to put the vinyl decal on. Just make sure it is a smooth surface, textured cups will be harder to stick the vinyl to.

You could  put whatever you want on the cup, I chose a cute "Best Mom Ever" design that I found in Design Space. There were tons of mom options there to choose from, or you can find similar designs other places as well. Last year I used a "Coolest Grandma Ever" design that I got free on LoveSVG.com.

Once you choose a design the other easy way to customize it for the person you are gifting it by choosing colors they like. I used mint, silver, and melon for the cup I made, mostly just because I thought it looked pretty. If you are putting vinyl on a cup you will want to use a permanent vinyl so that it will last through washings and heavy use.

A quick and easy, cute gift for mom on Mother's Day.

How to Make a Best Mom Ever Cup

You will need:


First decide on a design. I used the Best Mom Ever Design found in Cricut Design Space. There were  a lot of cute mom themed designs there, or you can find cute designs on websites like LoveSVG or SoFontsy.

Cut the design out of vinyl and weed.

Use transfer tape to place the design on your cup. The design I chose had 3 colors, so I started with the middle word and then added the first word on top and the last word underneath. I felt like starting in the middle helped me with the placement of the other words.

Once all of the vinyl is on the cup you are done. You can give the cup by itself as a gift or pair it with a favorite drink, a gift card, or fill it with treats. However you decide to gift it, you have a cute gift done in no time at all.

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  1. Great gift for mom. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great weekend, Margaret