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Mini Maker Kits

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Leisure Arts recently sent me a variety of their Mini Maker kits to try out and I thought they would be really great for this time of year and wanted to share what I liked about them. I think they would make great gifts for any crafters on your list, especially if you know there is a new craft they would like to learn.

The Mini Maker kits are kits that come with everything you need to make a project. They come in a variety of crafts. I got a couple of embroidery kits, a macrame kit, and a knitting kit. Each one came with pretty detailed instructions on how to make the project as well as all of the supplies you need (minus general craft supplies that you probably already have, like scissors).

For example, the macrame kit contained a dowel, a thing of cording, and an instruction booklet that included how to make each knot as well as step by step instructions on how to make the wallhanging.

The embroidery kits each have a fabric square preprinted with the design, as well as a hoop, needle, and all of the embroidery floss you need.

The knitting kit came with needles, all of the yarn you need to make the hat on the front, and a booklet that included not only the pattern for the hat you could make with the kit, but also several more hats that you can make after you are done.

There are also kits for felting, paint pouring, and more. Not to mention the two embroidery kits I got are just a tiny sample of all of the embroidery kits they have available.

Like I said before, I think these would make great gifts for the crafters on your list, especially someone wanting to try a new craft. Or they are fun just to have a project ready to make without having to worry about gathering supplies. They are fairly small projects so they don't take too long to make and they have everything you need. I chose the kits I did because I wanted to try some things that were a little different than what I usually do, and maybe learn some new skills. I haven't done a lot of macrame so it was fun to try that. I may work with yarn a lot as a crocheter but knitting has never been something I have been good at, but I would love to get better so the knitting kit was perfect. I love embroidery and definitely feel like I have experience in that (fun fact- when I was in college I used to sell embroidery patterns in a local shop) but I felt like these kits gave me an opportunity to try some new stitches and techniques, which I really enjoyed. I love learning new things and pushing my skills to learn more and become better.

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