5 Little Monsters: Plaid Christmas Tree Pillow

Plaid Christmas Tree Pillow

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Today I am super excited to be joining a bunch of bloggers for a holiday themed pillow party. We were all sent 20 inch pillow inserts from Fairfield World and challenged to make a Christmas or Winter Holiday themed pillow with it.

I knew that I wanted to make a crocheted pillow cover for my pillow, and I kind of had a pretty good idea of what I wanted it to be. I really like using the corner to corner technique to make crocheted pillows because you can create cool pictures and designs.

I chose a simple pine tree on a background of black and white buffalo check. I chose the colors I did because I thought it would work well for Christmas, but with the neutral background and undecorated pine tree you could keep it out all winter long.

And the great thing about using corner to corner to make a pillow is, that unlike a blanket you don't see both sides of a pillow cover so I feel like my ends can be a little messy on the back and as long as everything is securely finished off it doesn't have to be super neat. With the buffalo check pattern some rows change color with every stitch and I just carried the strands loosely across the back rather than worrying about covering everything up.

The only thing I kind of wish I had done differently is choose a darker green. I was using yarn that I had on hand but I feel like it ended up blending a little too much with the shade of gray that I used.

Be sure to check out all of the fun pillows, click on the picture below to find details on them all. Also make sure you scroll to the end to enter to win a giveaway for an awesome prize pack.

How to Crochet a Plaid Christmas Tree Pillow

You will need:


Crochet in corner to corner (c2c) following the graph. If you need help with how to do c2c there are a lot of great detailed tutorials out there. I have not yet put together one of my own, but until I do this one by Make & Do Crew is really awesome

Begin in the bottom right corner and work each row ending with the top left. 

Make the back by making a c2c square the same size (26 squares x 26 squares) out of white.

Put the 2 finished squares, back and front, wrong sides together and single crochet evenly around the edge through both layers. When you have 3 sides stitched together put the insert into the pillow cover and finish stitching the last side.

Finish off and weave in ends.

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  1. This is so cute! Thanks for including the pattern. My daughter crochets and I am going to ask for one of these for my Christmas gift!

  2. Your pillow turned out so nice, what great work!