5 Little Monsters: Easy DIY Travel Pillow

Easy DIY Travel Pillow

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I know I have been sharing lots of Disney posts lately, but I have a couple more to share. Although this one is less "Disney" and more just a travel project. We just got back from our family trip to Disneyland and we drove so we were in the car for a long time. Since we were spending so much time in the car I wanted everyone to bring stuff to be comfortable, and hopefully sleep a little, but we also won't have space for a lot of big stuff.

I wanted the kids to be able to have a small pillow and blanket they could use in the car. I thought about making some of the horseshoe shaped neck pillows but I wasn't sure how much my kids would actually like using them.

I looked around at different types of travel pillows and ended up deciding that the best design for them would probably just be kind of a mini pillow, a little on the long, skinny side. Something they could stick between their head and the window, stuff behind their heads, or even just hug in their arms.

I wanted something that would be soft and cuddly, but also fun and Disney themed since that is where we are going. I also wanted each one to be a little different so we could tell them apart.

In the end I chose to pick up Disney and Star Wars fat quarters and some super soft fleece (almost like a minky or cuddle fabric feel, not like a polar fleece). I used the cotton print on one side and the fleece on the other and just made a simple rectangle pillow.

I figured this way, unlike with the neck pillows, the kids could use them in the car on our road trip, and then they can put them on their beds like a throw pillow when we get home. And they were super quick and easy to make, so that is a bonus too.

How to Make Easy Travel Pillows

Finished Size: Approx. 17" x 10"

You will need (for each pillow):


Since I was making these for my kids I was not super careful or precise with my cutting. I just folded the fat quarter in half (hamburger style as we used to say in elementary school) so that I had a rectangle that was approximately 18" x 11" assuming the fat quarter started out 18" x 22". Then I cut a matching piece out of fleece. You can obviously get a more exact piece by cutting the same size shape with a rotary cutter and actually measuring. 

Whatever you do, be aware that some character prints like the ones I used are directional and if you just fold the fat quarter and cut the design will be going sideways. I had 2 like that, the 2 princess prints, so I cut those ones out differently. Since you are basically just cutting the fat quarter in half you could potentially get 2 pillows from each fat quarter, but only if the designs are are non directional. The directional prints will give you one pillow and some skinny scraps. 

Whether you fold and cut or use the rotary cutter you will need the following pieces:

1- 18" x 11" rectangle from cotton print

1- 18" x 11" rectangle from fleece

Place your 2 fabrics right sides together and pin all the way around. I am not always a big pinner but with a slippery, stretchy fabric like fleece or minky it is really important. 

Carefully sew around 3 sides leaving one short side open. I found it much easier to feed through my sewing machine with the fleece side up. 

Turn your pillow right side out. 

Stuff with fiberfill. I had some regular Polyfil and some Polyfil Royal Silk on hand and used some of each. The Royal silk definitely makes a softer, less clumpy pillow, but either one works. 

Fold the unfinished edge in a little over 1/2" and pin closed. Sew along the edge to finish. 

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