5 Little Monsters: Paint Poured Easter Eggs

Paint Poured Easter Eggs

-Supplies for this project provided by Plaid Crafts and Oriental Trading Company. This post may contain affiliate links.-

Being stuck at home the last couple of weeks has been rough, especially with all of us in the same place all the time and trying to figure out all of the schedules, schoolwork, and zoom calls with all of the different teachers. I found myself feeling extra grouchy and short with my kids and I realized I had been so busy making sure everyone else had everything they needed, got on their calls, had quiet space to do their work, and all everything else that I was not taking anytime for myself.

Crafting is usually my outlet and I had a project I wanted to make in mind. I pulled all of the supplies out, but then I realized as soon as I got paints out all of the kids would all want to paint with me and even though I love doing arts and crafts stuff with them, it would have taken away that creative outlet part of what I needed and turned it into another chaotic kid time (plus we had spent all week making kids crafts using foam kits, every cardboard box they could save from the recycle can, and anything else they could find). My husband saw I was needing some time so he sent me downstairs for a couple hours of alone time while he got kids ready for bed. It ended up being exactly what I needed to forget all of the craziness of pandemics, and earthquakes, and everything being closed, even if it was just for a few minutes.

This was a fun project not only because it gave me that little creative escape that I needed, but also the opportunity to try something new that I have been wanting to try for a long time. A few months ago Plaid sent me some paint pouring medium and I have been wanting to try it out ever since. I had some plain wooden Easter egg cutouts that I got recently from Oriental Trading and I knew they would be the perfect canvas for this project.

I decided I wanted to go with a sort of monochrome paint pour, with a couple shades of one color on each egg.

I first chose 2 shades of each color as well as white. Then I added equal parts pouring medium and paint in little cups. Them I poured the paint mixtures into one cup (3 colors in each cup, white, dark, and light) and poured them on the egg cutouts. It was fun to see how each one turned out, how the paints swirled together to make a different pattern on each one.

It was messy, but a lot of fun. Now to think of more things to pour paint on.

How to Make Paint Poured Easter Eggs

You will need:


First choose your paint colors, I wanted a darker and lighter version for each color as well as white. The colors I used are listed below (all are FolkArt Acrylics)

Pink: Fire Coral, Baby Pink
Orange: Pure Orange, Flesh (The orange was a little brighter than I wanted so I mixed it with flesh for the darker color and used flesh alone for the lighter color)
Yellow: Moon Yellow, Pale Yellow
Green: Lime Green, Fresh Foliage
Blue: Turquoise, Jamaican Sea
Purple: Lavender, Light Lavender 
White: Wicker White

Mix each color with an equal amount of pouring medium. You don't need a lot at all for this small project (I poured maybe a 1/4" of pouring medium in the cup and then added about the same amount of paint, except the white which I did a larger amount because I knew I was using it on all of the eggs). Stir to mix completely.

Pour the colors you are using for one egg into one cup (a little bit of white, the darker color, and the lighter color). You can swirl slightly with a toothpick or skewer, not to mix but just to marble a little bit if you would like. 

Carefully pour the paint over your egg cutout and tilt to cover the top completely. Pour more paint if needed to completely cover the egg. 

Watch the marble patterns appear and transform as you move the egg.

One last tip, I didn't want my eggs to stick to the board I set them on to dry so I put them on top of a small piece of cardboard (maybe 1"x2") centered underneath to lift the egg slightly off of the surface. That way if it continues to drip it can drip off the edge.

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