5 Little Monsters: Aurora Scarf

Aurora Scarf

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 I feel like for most crafters the end of the year is often spent making projects meant for others, whether for gifts for friends and family, or to sell during the holidays. Either way it seems like we don't keep a lot of what we make, so I thought that would be kind of fun to share some projects over the next few days that are things you could make for yourself. Not that you can't make them for others, just that you could make them for yourself if you want. 

To be honest, I say that but I won't be keeping this scarf for myself. Number one, since I design things for my job I have a lot of hats and scarves and other accessories around my house and really don't need another. And second, I love the the look of this yarn worked up with the color changes and everything, but I'm not really a pink person so they aren't colors I would wear often. When I bought the yarn the colors immediately made me think of one of my daughters so chances are it will end up being hers. 

This scarf is made with Red Heart Unforgettable, but honestly, because of the way it is worked up you could make it with pretty much any medium weight yarn (or other weight, it would just affect the width a lot more) you would like. I chose Unforgettable because I love the way that the color changes work up. You get a striped effect without the work and weaving in of lots of ends, and the changes are more gradual than some other striping yarns so you don't get the harsh color changes in the middle of a row that you sometimes get with other yarns. 

The stitch pattern is a pretty simple 4 row repeat of mostly double crochet stitches. It is worked back and forth across the width, which means you can make it as long or as short as you want. I wanted a long circle scarf that was long enough to wrap double around my neck. I used the whole skein of Unforgettable and it ended up the perfect length for that (about 44 inches long). If you want a shorter length you can just stop sooner, or for a longer scarf just grab another ball of yarn and keep going until you get the length you want. 

How to Crochet the Aurora Scarf

Finished size approx. 7" x 44"

You will need:


This scarf is made with a 4 row repeat that consists of a row of double crochet stitches, a row of crossed double crochet stitches, a row of double crochet, chain 1, and finally another row of crossed double crochet stitches. It is easy to make your scarf as long or as short as you want because you will just continue the row repeat until you have the length you need. 

ch 28

Row 1: dc in 4th ch from the hook (beginning ch 3 counts as first dc), dc in each stitch across (26 dc)

Row 2: ch 3 (counts as a dc), turn, [sk next stitch, dc in next stitch, dc in skipped stitch] repeat to last stitch, dc in last st (12 crossed dc, 2 dc)

Row 3: ch 4 (counts as beginning dc and ch 1), turn, sk first half of crossed dc, [dc between the two dc of the crossed dc, ch 1,  repeat to last stitch, dc in last stitch (14 dc, 13, ch spaces)

Row 4: ch 3 (counts as dc), turn, [sk first ch space, dc in next ch space, dc in skipped ch space] repeat to the last stitch working the second dc of your crossed dc in the same ch sp as the first dc of the previous crossed dc, dc in last stitch (12 crossed dc, 2 dc)

Row 5: ch 3 (counts as dc), turn, dc in each stitch to the end (26 dc)

Repeat rows 2-5 until you have your desired length, ending with row 4 (unless you want to make a straight scarf instead of a circle, for a straight scarf end with row 5)

Stitch short ends together to make a circle

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